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What tech skills are the most needed in 2020?

The following are the tech skills that have the highest demand in 2020.

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As the demand for workers with advanced skills is skyrocketing, many companies are laying down more resources into hiring, recruiting and nurturing the right talent. All this is done to ensure that they continue being competitive in a global setting. This means that employees who are willing to put in the work into developing their skills may have the upper hand in landing in-demand skills.

Technology, on the flip side, is evolving rapidly, making it difficult to pinpoint the necessary skills required to flourish in different careers. One way to know for sure is to find out what professionals are spending most of their time learning. After a closer look at what fields are making the most movement in the industry, we discovered that the following are the tech skills that have the highest demand in 2020.

Cloud Computing

All websites and apps are hosted somewhere on a dedicated server. Up until recently, servers have had their shortcomings, and now a better solution is sought after – the cloud. Cloud provides benefits such as:

  • seamless data synchronization;
  • astronomical storage space;
  • cost reduction;
  • mobility;
  • faster disaster recovery;
  • improved security.

Because of this, companies are turning to the cloud as a solution. This means that engineers who are equipped with cloud expertise are on high demand, given that companies want people who can integrate their architecture into the cloud. This is also true for online gambling industry as the best casino games are now available on mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As you are interacting with your device, there has to be a point where you have interacted with applications such as Google Translate, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. These are AI-powered apps that have proven their importance, particularly in the last five years. For this reason, there has been a surge of startups that try to provide AI solutions to people. A good example is the self-driving car technology several of companies like Tesla,, and Mobile Eye have been pursuing.

According to Ashley Vance of Bloomberg, Silicon Valley has just scratched the surface when it comes to harnessing the power of AI. Therefore, it means that in 2020, there will be a huge demand for specialists who are proficient in the field of AI. Moreover, back in 2017, Mark Cuban, a billionaire himself, predicted that the first trillionaire would be an AI entrepreneur!

Data Science

In this age of Big data, everything starting from vacuum cleaners to cars, fridges, and mobile devices all generate immense data. It’s no wonder why data have been considered as the “Gold” of the future. Many companies require these data to improve the customer experience to beat the competition. Due to this, Data Science has become among the most prestigious careers of the current generation. Many companies are looking for ways to get data from their equipment, analyze it and predict their future. This means there’s a huge need for individuals specialized in this field.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As we speak, virtually all electronics are connected to the internet. This connectivity has brought lots of conveniences because users can seamlessly communicate with their devices over the world wide web. Thanks to such possibilities, companies like Xiaomi, Amazon, Apple, and Google have rethought the future of their products. These companies are now changing how they design their products and services to align themselves with the future. As such, there is a need for techies who will have the skill to manage all that network, and you shouldn’t miss out on that.


Linux software was started as an open-source project. And now, it has developed over the years to be one of the most flexible Operating Systems in the world. In case you didn’t know, Linux is everywhere. You will find it in a selection of devices including;

  • smartphones (Android),
  • desktop computers (Ubuntu, Kali, Mint)
  • servers (Ubuntu Server).

At the heart of all these systems is the Linux kernel. The kernel offers a lot of efficiencies, and the best thing about it is that it is free! Thereby, it’s not a surprise that many startups are always looking for people with Linux experience to make their systems more stable. If you are optimistic about becoming a competitive employee, you should consider learning more about Linux.


As we become more reliant on technology, there are risks and dangers that we expose ourselves to increase exponentially. For example, if you are driving an autonomous car and someone hacks it while on transit, it could quickly turn into a fatal accident. Additionally, the advent of IoT can come with huge risks because IoT systems have a reputation for lacking proper security reinforcements.

Cases of cyber-fraud have been on the rise, and thus, there’s an increase in the need for Cybersecurity experts to make sure that users are safer when using connected devices. Currently, careers like Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, and Reverse Engineering are in demand because companies are looking for a more secure infrastructure. If you are looking for an area in tech to get started on, Cybersecurity should also be a great choice that has a bright future.

Computer Vision

According to data from, there’s been a steady growth in demand for Computer Vision engineers since the start of 2013 according. In case you were wondering, these professionals build and create computer vision algorithms for analytics to detect and classify objects.

Thanks to Computer Vision, IDC also claims that investments for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are expected to shoot from $14 billion to $215 billion in 2021. These data give a clear picture of how big this field will be in the next year. If you combine this with the rise of self-driving cars and robots, Computer Vision Engineers are going to be on high demand.


Not so long ago, blockchain technology was just for cryptocurrency nerds but not for the general applications that people use in day-to-day life. But now, it is not only limited to Bitcoin but powers the world of blockchain. At the moment, it forms the backbone of Ethereum, hyper ledger and all the popular cryptocurrency people use today.

Companies have realized the potential in blockchain technology, so for specialists who will acquire certification on blockchain technology, they will unquestionably be on the best side of things by 2021.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and is mainly used to automate data analysis so that computers could learn and adapt through large volumes of data. Currently, almost three-quarters of North American Companies rely on machine learning for business solutions every day. With the massive potential, there is for Computer Vision, IoT, and AI, there’s no doubt that ML is a field that is going to have boundless opportunities in the next couple of years.

Final Thoughts

In technology, the rate at which things are changing is exceptionally fast. Given that change is inevitable, companies that try to resist go under in months, no matter how much they had dominated the market.  Two decades ago, a lot of people thought that the internet was just another bubble that will burst. To their disappointment, here we are now. Thus, it is up to you to make the right decision before it is too late!

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