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What you need to know about electric skateboards

One thing is for certain, they’re a whole lot of fun.

spectra x electric skateboard

What exactly is an electric skateboard? Well, an electric skateboard is the modern version of a regular skateboard that relies on human effort to move. However, when it comes to an electric skateboard, you only need to balance on the board and use a remote control to move it. If you would like to learn more about what you need to look out for to choose the best budget electric skateboards, you should definitely check out this blog post.

With an electric skateboard, you can easily speed up in hills and move as fast as the traffic. Besides, having the ability to move fast and speed up on hilly places, you can also brake gently using the same remote control.

There are a number of reasons why electric skateboards are popular. One is the fact that an electric skateboard does not require any human effort to move. Secondly, an electric skateboard is considered to be a reliable means of transportation for commuters who travel for short distances.

Moreover, besides being accepted in the world of skate life, electric skateboards can reach a maximum speed of eighteen miles per hour and can maintain this speed for a long time. Unfortunately, electric skateboards are classed as motor vehicles therefore since there is no way to tax or insure them, they are currently illegal to use on roads and pavements.

Can You Do Tricks Using Electric Skateboards?

Even though electric skateboards are usually used for personal, private land use that does not mean that you cannot do tricks using them. However, you need to be aware of the fact that doing trick on an electric skateboard is not easy because of the fact that they are heavy and have a long shaped designed.

But with a little bit of creativity and determination, you can definitely do a few tricks using this advanced skateboard. Here are two cool tricks that you can try out on or using electric skateboards.

  1. Hippie jump

The hippie jump is an easy trick that most skaters do on a regular skateboard. The good news is that you can do the same trick using an electric skateboard. Moreover, you also need to understand that doing a hippie jump on an electric skateboard is much easier since you will be having more room to land on. This is due to the fact that electric skateboards are longer than the non-electric skateboards.

All you have to do is ride your electric skateboard in a straight line and jump over an obstacle that is not too high and land back on the skateboard. You can start off with a short object but make sure that there is enough room underneath for the electric skateboard to pass through. You also have to work on your landing, so that it can be easy for you to gain control of the electric skateboard once you land.

  1. Dancing

This trick might sound easy to accomplish but it is usually done by experienced skaters. Many skaters have experienced horrible moments while trying out this trick. That is because for you to dance on a skateboard, you must be able to balance and move your feet across the skateboard at the same time. If you are going to try out this trick on your skateboard, then you might want to start off with easy dance moves that do not require you to crisscross your feet.

Summing it all up

Electric skateboards are easy to find and affordable. However, you need to be aware of the fact that these advanced gadgets are not technically legal or allowed in the UK roadways.

Because of this reason, skaters usually ride their electric skateboards on skate routes and private land. Popular skating store, Slick Willie’s put together a really cool article on are electric scooters and skateboards legal so check that out today for more information.

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