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What you need to know about the “I’m Feeling Curious” Google trick

Here are a few things you need to know about this trick

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Google has lots of tricks that can make you appear all geeky to your friends. For instance, with the Google Gravity trick, you can turn your Google homepage into a zero-gravity zone. Its lots of fun, especially as you watch your friends try to make sense of it all.

Another really funny one is the annoying Google trick. This trick will annoy anyone trying to use your Google. That’s because it makes the process of changing from small letters to caps, a real pain. There are tons of other tricks that you can try out and have fun with Google. However, one trick you should really aim to try out is the “I’m feeling curious” Google trick.

What makes this trick stand out is the fact that it is informational. Unlike the rest, this trick can help you gain knowledge that can help you in real life. To help you better understand it, here are a few things you need to know about this trick. 

  1.   It is very educational

As stated above, this trick is not just about having fun with Google, it is also very helpful. You can learn things that you can apply in school or even in your career. Take a question like, “Is sign language the same in other countries?”, for instance.

For someone looking to study sign language, this is a very important question. That’s because, it allows you to understand the scope of the sign language you are studying, and if your jurisdiction is the best for taking this career path. There are many other questions that are actually quite informational, especially if you have kids. They can learn a lot on everything ranging from space and the universe to medicine. 

  1.   It started in 2015

For a trick as useful as this one, it is only natural to wonder about when it started, right? Well, it is quite an old Google trick, and if you are just discovering it now, you are quite late. This trick was introduced on Google in September 2015, meaning it has been around for 5 years. 

However, this doesn’t really matter, since the end goal is information, and it has plenty of it. It’s one Google trick that is likely to be around for a very long time, based on its utility. 

  1. It is a window into other Google tricks

Like everything else in the world, if you spend the whole day using this trick, you will get bored at some point. To stay interested, you need to combine it with other Google tricks, and there are many of them. One of the more interesting ones is the “Get the local time anywhere” trick.

This trick allows you to check the time at any location on the planet. It’s a pretty interesting one especially when you are just bored and wondering what time it is, what other people across the world could be doing.  Simply put, the options are limitless when it comes to Google and their funny tricks. 

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