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What’s new in your car? Gadgets that are now the norm

While we may not have flying cars or hoverboards yet, we are getting there.

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By the end of 2019, the world will likely see 90 percent of cars with smartphone connectivity and expect the average car to reach 41.7 miles per gallon. Ever since the first car was made in 1885, cars have only become more innovative and futuristic.

With every new year, new products become available to consumers.  Car companies all compete to provide you with the latest and greatest gadgets that are now becoming the norm in cars. So, let’s look to the future and see what new products are coming to your vehicle.

Smart Cars Connect Your Entire Life

There has been a trend towards a single method of control. This is why we have smart homes, smartphones, and smartwatches. However, now smart technology is reaching your vehicle. By the end of 2019, connected car shipments are expected to reach a total of 64 million units and about 90 percent of new cars in 2020 will have a smart capability. This means that with just one app, drivers can check and influence everything about their car.

It can check gas mileage, fuel, tire pressure, and evenly remotely start an engine and lock the doors. Some of these apps also help people to park their cars. Autonomous vehicles are on the rise, with $36 billion currently invested in the technology. Therefore, in the very near future, most drivers will be able to park their cars remotely from their phone and never get a scratch or ding.

Fuel Efficient Cars Save you Money

New features tend to come with new, higher costs. However, this trend is actually saving drivers money on the road. On average, a hybrid car saves drivers $3,371 after 15,000 miles. Therefore, many car companies are committing to make all cars fuel efficient by 2025. Therefore, they’re providing new greener technologies and solutions to re-energize the everyday vehicle.

Fuel-efficient cars are changing the cost of gas and allowing drivers to go longer on one tank. However, there are also innovative discount programs that are cutting the costs of car financing. Whether it’s a discount on the car or competitive financing, certain green initiatives are offering deals for fuel-efficient cars as long as the vehicle meets a “miles per gallon” criteria.

You Can Now See Everything Around Your Car

While we use our eyes to drive the car, they sometimes need a little bit of help. It’s not always possible to see at all directions at once, and therefore car manufacturers are developing a plethora of sensors that come standard in all new automobiles.

About 68 percent of new cars today have a rear-view sensor that prevents drivers from backing into cars or pedestrians and an automatic braking system if the car senses something directly in front of it. Soon though, drivers will also have a 360-degree view of your car at all times. By using cameras on all sides of your vehicle, this system will give you a top-down view of your car directly on your dashboard. This will also record the images it takes so that you can use it for insurance claims in case you get in an accident.

While we may not have flying cars or hoverboards yet, we are getting there. With new safety features, we can now have eyes in the back of our cars, lock the car door from anywhere on earth, and save money with fuel-efficient technology.

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