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Where to learn ethical hacking in 2021

These listed websites are the best websites where you can learn hacking legally online and for free.

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With all the advances that been made in technology and the amount of personal user data that is being digitalized today, getting the knowledge on how to secure this data is now more than ever a basic necessity. An ethical hacker is an information security expert or professional who uses his available skillset and tools to carry out penetration tests for the sole purpose of identifying vulnerabilities and looking to resolve them rather than exploit them.

Ethical hackers can work as security professionals for firms, freelancers, or bounty hackers on a platform such as HackerOne where companies reward hackers for submitting vulnerability reports on their products.

There are a number of places where you can learn ethical hacking online and for free. In this write-up, we will be looking at some of the best sites to learn ethical hacking in 2021 for free online.

Hack this Site

Hack this site is one of the best free sites to learn ethical hacking, it is designed to be beginner-friendly and has content for everyone whether you’re just getting into hacking or you’ve got some in-depth knowledge of some ethical hacking concepts. Hack this Site has been active since 2003 testing hackers with the multiple Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges and it’s still one of the best sites to use in 2021.


PicoCTF is a free online cybersecurity training and testing platform that was launched in 2013 as a CTF competition by the Carnegie Mellon University students. PicoCTF organizes the largest CTF contest for middle and high school students with challenges covering all the major fields. These challenges range from beginner-friendly tests to more advanced exercises which are perfect for anyone getting into cybersecurity. PicoCTF also offers free study resources to help users prepare for more advanced problems.


TryHackMe is an online platform that teaches cybersecurity through fast, gamified real-world labs. TryHackMe has tutorials and challenges for complete beginners as well as seasoned hackers, and it allows for a variety of learning styles. TryHackMe also offers a wide range of CTF challenges from basic beginner-friendly challenges to more advanced challenges for advanced hackers which go a long way to help build hacking skills.

Hacking Loops

Hacking Loops is an instructional blog dedicated to assisting beginners in understanding the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Its aim is to teach students and everyone else interested in learning how to protect their IT infrastructure and master ethical hacking. What makes it the perfect website for beginners to learn hacking? It’s a great place to begin your journey because of its beginner-friendly, extremely rich, and free content. Hacking loops contain resources to help users prepare for certifications like CompTIA Security+. It is my absolute best and I’ll recommend to anyone looking to get into ethical hacking for a start.


Hacker101 is a free web security class with a vital lesson everyone, be you a seasoned hacker, bounty hacker, or a beginner; hacker101 has got something to teach you. Hacker101 is powered by HackerOne, a vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers. Hacker101 provides resources for learning web security concepts and tests user understanding through CTF challenges. It also runs a very powerful community on a Discord server where users can interact with one another.

Guided Hacking

One of the newest and upcoming sites teaching cybersecurity is the Guided Hacking Forum.  They got their start primarily as a reverse engineering and game hacking forum but have branches out significantly into the broader information security genre.  Much of the low level reverse engineering and Windows programming is very comparable to modern day exploit development and malware research, lending itself well to those who are intersted in learning the craft.

Hack the box

Hack the Box is a great place to put your hacking skills to the test. The site contains a number of live machines that are updated on a regular basis for a set period of time. It presents an almost perfect simulation of real hacking scenarios testing users from the basic to more advanced challenged. To enter Hack the Box, you must first complete their hack invite code challenge. You can only register on the web if you are able to obtain the invite code. Hack the Box is free to use, but it does have private laboratories which can also be accessed by those with permission to access.

These listed websites are the best websites where you can learn hacking legally online and for free. It is important to note that the sites listed in this article are not ranked in order of preference so you can feel free to choose any of the sites and begin your ethical hacking journey. In addition to the resources being provided by these sites, it is very important that you who are looking to learn ethical hacking are prepared and willing to dedicate the time and resources.

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