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Which ink is best for HP printers?

Before you fall into the trap of only every buying genuine ink replacement, take a moment to read this.

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Looking for printer ink that fits your budget but that does not break your printer? So many consumers are in the same position, especially when it comes to finding HP printer ink that lasts. Before you fall into the trap of only every buying genuine ink replacement, take a moment to read our advice on where to find the ink you need at the price you want.

Do Not Head to Your Local Store

The first thing you must stop doing is popping out to your local store to pick up ink when it runs out. If you do nothing else but this then you will save money. The reason this is the best possible advice is that when you go to a store you are a captive audience and can be sold products at a far higher price that they are worth, just because of convenience. Instead, shop around and find your ink for less so that you can save some cash and enjoy spending it on yourself instead.

Do Not Be Afraid of Replacement Ink

Say you are looking for a 902 cartridge for HP, you will have been conditioned to believe that only a genuine HP ink cartridge will suffice. However, these days there is a raft of replacement ink companies that provide these cartridges for a lower price without you being able to notice the difference in quality. Ignore the advertising that has previously sucked you in and be brave and try a replacement ink service instead!

Find a Service You Can Trust

One of the key parts to buying top-quality, replacement ink is to find a service that you can trust to deliver on time and with the right quality. This is where you need to do a bit of research and understand the difference between an ink specialist service and an ink add-on service.

Ink add-on’s work to sell exceptionally low priced ink alongside a range of other products. The ink is not great quality but the supplier can afford to lose your customers because they sell lots of other products too.

An ink specialist service, like Smart Ink, take the time to produce high-quality ink and then only sell this to consumers meaning that they are under huge pressure to impress you so you keep coming back for more. When looking around, make sure that you always select a specialist service rather than an add-on.

HP needs to keep you as a customer to ensure they make the most profit possible but this desire comes from greed rather than being the best option. They market this need by telling consumers that replacement ink is dangerous and play on our fears of ending up with a broken printer. However, it is clear that replacement ink services are far better for us economically as long as you take the time to find the best company to buy from. Specialist ink services are increasing in popularity more than ever, isn’t it time you gave them a try?

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