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Which sites have become more popular in 2021?

Which sites have been more popular this year, and which brands had remarkable success? Below, we answer these questions.

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The internet and technology in the last two decades have caused a “digital transformation” in our daily lives. We use websites for almost everything, and some of them are more popular than others, naturally.

In special cases such as pandemics, the popularity of websites can change instantly, and the number of visitors to online gaming sites such as Vulkan Vegas can increase significantly.

However, in general, the sites at the top of the popularity list are always the same, and especially the first three are almost unchanged. So, what’s the situation in 2021? Which sites have been more popular this year, and which brands had remarkable success? Below, we answer these questions.

The Most “Clicked” Sites of 2021

The following data is sourced from a report published by Digital Information World. This report shows the situation up to May 2021, and we do not expect the list to change until the end of the year. The increase (or decrease) in visitor numbers will certainly occur, but they will not be large enough to affect the list.

Google90.89 billion
YouTube34.64 billion
Facebook22.38 billion
Twitter6.75 billion
Instagram6.21 billion
Wikipedia5.87 billion
Baidu5.75 billion
Yandex3.69 billion
Yahoo3.63 billion

As you can guess, Google is at the top of this list. Google has an average of 90.6 billion active visitors, which is more than 10 times the world population. No other site can reach half of its number of users. YouTube is the second most visited website, which contains more than 37 million channels with different types of content. The first two names on the list belong to the same company (Alphabet Inc.) and have more than a hundred billion visitors. This is not a record to be broken anytime soon.

Facebook is the leader when it comes to social media. The platform has more than 22.38 billion active visitors, and no other social media platform comes close. Even Twitter has only 6.75 billion. And we can say that Facebook is even more popular because it also controls the Instagram brand.

In total, it has nearly 30 billion visitors. For the same reason, we think Facebook is the only company that has the potential to change the top three positions of this list, as it can grow its user/visitor audience even more with the additional services it will offer in the future.

Wikipedia is the sixth most popular one, which is the “digital encyclopedia” of the internet. It still has no real alternative, so its place will not change anytime soon. It also has the distinction of being the only brand on this list that isn’t a search engine or social media platform – it deserves respect for that feature alone.

Seventh and eighth places belong to two companies: Baidu is the “default” search engine in China, and it easily surpasses Yandex, the “Russian search engine.” Both are the most popular search engines in Asia. This is quite interesting data because Yandex had more visitors a few years ago. It seems to have lost its popularity. Speaking of popularity, the once legendary search engine Yahoo ranks ninth. Although its former popularity is gone, Yahoo is still one of the most popular sites around.

Popularity by Monthly Traffic Growth

This list shows what the most popular options on the internet are, but the situation is slightly different when it comes to their growth rate. Although the popularity list doesn’t seem to change at first glance, the growth rates provide some insight into what changes we may see in the near future. In the table below, you can see the growth rates of the most popular sites from June 2019 to November 2020:


This table shows that the growth rates of the names at the top of the list are not that high. For example, Instagram has managed to almost double the number of users. We see similar success on Twitter. It has grown by almost 70%. But YouTube, for example, is not that successful, and Facebook is the least growing brand. If Instagram makes the right decisions, it has the potential to be in the top three of the list in a few years.

No major changes are expected in the popularity list in a short time. Especially the top 5 brands will maintain their positions for a long time. The only possibility here is that Instagram can replace Twitter: by the end of 2021, we will see if the fourth most popular brand is Instagram or Twitter. In any case, you can be sure that Google, YouTube, and Facebook will hold the lead for a long time to come.

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