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Why a job as an applications architect may be right for you

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We live in a technology-driven world and this heavily influences how we work, socialize, and even learn. It comes as no surprise then, that many of us would love to work in a technology-focused job role as it is very much the future and can provide us with job security and a good salary. The trouble is deciding on which job within the tech sector is right for you.

You may never have heard of the role before, but there is such a thing as being an applications architect. As an applications architect, you are given the role and responsibility of monitoring the system of a singular application (or system) and understanding all the components that are used throughout the application in question. An application architect can provide a business with a roadmap and the best practices that are needed when building a certain application to ensure that it is free from bugs and has a user-friendly interface. 

Does this all sound great to you? Or are you still unsure? If it is the latter, then here are a few more reasons why a job as an applications architect may be right for you and how you can become one. 

If you love anything tech-related such as apps and understanding how software works and can be utilized, this is a great role for you. As an applications architect, you are given a lot of responsibility. What’s more, you will be learning the ins and outs of certain applications, how they work, and how businesses can harness them. You will provide delicate insight into the running of certain applications, and this insight can be valuable knowledge. 

Do Apps Fascinate You?

Apps are all around us, and yet there isn’t a major emphasis on how brilliant these little applications are and how they influence and improve our lives. Nowadays, there is an app for everything. You can find apps that help you find recipes, apps that link you to your social media accounts, apps that help you buy clothes, and apps that allow you to order food to your home. However, apps can also be temperamental. If you have an engineering mind, this can irk you, which is why you may want to help create applications that are user-friendly and have a great infrastructure. 

You Enjoy Engineering and Reading Data

Engineering and reading and analyzing data are influential parts of the job. That being said, these skills do not come naturally to all. If you enjoy reading data and seeing how you could manipulate and improve it for a better performing application, this could be a career that keeps you happy and busy. Finding a career that you are passionate about is important. 

Are You Seeking an In-Demand Career?

As previously mentioned, careers within the technology sector and especially within the data science or engineering industry are highly sought-after and can provide job security and stability. For someone who would like a career that offers this, as well as job progression and growth, this is the perfect job role. There are no signs of tech-related jobs slowing down or becoming obsolete; in fact, there is only evidence of tech-related careers becoming much more profitable.

Looking for a Well-Paid Job?

As an applications architect, you can expect a comfortable salary and the chance to increase your pay exponentially as you become much more experienced and skilled within the sector. The base salary for an applications architect is between $89k and $147k. This makes it a very well-paid job. 

How to Become an Applications Architect

If you like the sound of becoming an applications architect, you need to ensure that you have the right skillset and qualifications. Although the job is ideal for those who love tech and offers benefits such as job security and a good salary, it is also demanding and requires a person who is knowledgeable but also willing to learn. 

Obtain a Masters in Data Science

If you already have a degree in computer science or something similar and in a relevant field, you may want to pursue a masters in data science. A degree in data science can help provide you with beneficial insight into how to read, analyze and work with data and how you can apply it to different situations. Many masters help you learn statistical methods that are popular within data science application and can help you develop a greater insight into useful topics like clustering methods and predictive modelling methods. 

If you already have a job or are looking to balance your life with further education, why not look into an online master’s degree? There are plenty of options. Plus, a masters in data science online can help you work, look after your family, and teach you about data science much more easily than traditional university courses.  

Continue to Learn (even at work)

Even with a masters, you will need to continue learning and constantly look for ways to improve your skills and better yourself so that you stay ahead of the curve. Although it can be tempting to become somewhat lax once you have landed a job, as an engineer and applications architect, you will need to keep an eye out for certain trends or algorithm updates that could impact your work. If an algorithm appears, it could greatly impact how you work. It could even require you to enroll in courses and obtain certificates so that you understand any new best practices and can apply it to your work. 

Technology is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, we as a society are only becoming more dependent on it. This is why, when it comes to finding a job within the tech industry, you may want to consider a role like an applications architect. If the role of applications architect doesn’t appeal to you but you do love the sound of becoming an engineer or reading data, there are plenty more roles out there for you to consider. 

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