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Kodi and Kodi addons not working? How to solve your Kodi problems

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, our opinions, reviews, and other editorial content are not influenced by the sponsorship and remain objective.

It’s quite frustrating when your movie streaming app fails, and you have no clue how to fix it. Kodi is the world’s best online streaming media player. The app provides the best movies, TV shows, sports, kids’ entertainment shows, and more. It isn’t very pleasant if the Kodi app stops or buffers while you’re watching your favorite movie. The first thought is Kodi logs which mostly isn’t the case. Kodi logs are highly designed, thus ruling out the choice. 

Since Kodi operates better with addons, one might want to check on the Kodi addons installed.  Addons are third-party software that provides online content to improve Kodi media. However, some Kodi addons might harbor malware, which is risky to Kodi software.  The internet has various best Kodi addons.  The user should take time to review and learn each addon before installation. Here are the best working Kodi addons right now.

Besides the addons, other technical hitches make Kodi not work.  However, some of the issues can be easily solved. For you to continue enjoying movies and TV shows.  There are several problems such as:

  • Addons not deleting 
  • Problems with the hardware acceleration
  • Kodi buffering 
  • Kodi crashing when it loads. 
  • Video stuttering 
  • Black screen
  • Kodi freezing during the playback command. 
  • The Kodi search option is not working on addons. 

Using VPN with Kodi

The majority of Kodi addons are not reliable and harbor different problems. Which negatively affects Kodi.  Some are unlicensed, while others violate the privacy policies of the online content. Kodi is legal software that doesn’t tamper with privacy and copyrighted material.  Users should use quality and recommended addons to avoid trouble. 

However, once you stream through Kodi, the content is visible to the authorities and ISP. This exposes your data to legal bodies and also to hackers.  It’s risky, and you require a VPN to hide your identity and location. Some content streamed through Kodi addons is not available in some locations. The VPN will assist in breaking geographical barriers.

Common Kodi problems and solutions

Kodi is an open-source media player which works on all devices and platforms. This contributes to Kodi troubles making it challenging to troubleshoot Kodi.  Users experience the issues differently as some problems may occur on Firestick and not on Android. Not all issues work on the same solutions. 

  1. Kodi crashing, freezing and pausing.

The crashing, freezing, or pausing are common issues to many Kodi users.  However, before solving the problem, the user should consider their action before the problem started.  

  • Suppose you installed an addon or updated a Kodi build. First, uninstall the new feature and check whether the software will work again.  
  • Another potential issue that might cause freezing is using old addons on an updated Kodi version (Kodi 18). 
  • If the user hasn’t used Kodi for long, there can be several problems. Start again and install new addons instead of using old software apps. 
  1. Disabling the hardware acceleration 

Most reported cases are related to hardware acceleration. Kodi tends to crash due to the issue, especially on Android devices.  The user can turn off the option to see whether the problem stops. 

Turn of hardware acceleration

  • Go to your Kodi homepage and proceed to the settings menu. 
  • Click the tab “player settings” from the same page. 
  • Proceed to the option “basic” click the tab three times to open the option “Expert.”
  • Next, highlight the “video” tab proceed down, and disable the “allow hardware acceleration-DXVA2.”
  • Now restart Kodi to see if the problem goes away. 

Clear cache 

Kodi streaming videos come with caches; this helps in clear and fast streaming.  However, the caches pile up with time and might slow Kodi.  The caches are designed to clear automatically, but sometimes one requires to delete manually.  The Kodi software doesn’t have a manual feature to clear the caches. The user needs to install an app (Indigo addon from TV addons repo). After installing the app click the option “maintenance tools”>clear cache.”

Reinstalling Kodi

The Kodi user might consider reinstalling Kodi on their device. You can download the app manually or use other apps (indigo tools) to restore the Kodi app. 

  1. Kodi is not playing at all. 

Kodi online content might not stream if the device is not connected to the internet or using a poor internet connection.  The addons installed might no longer work if the feature is permanently closed.  Meaning you have to uninstall and get new addons.  Also, if the user tries to access blocked regions, one can use a good VPN. To access streams from different areas globally and without restrictions. 

  1. Kodi unable to connect to the source

All Kodi repos are always installed by providing a source.  During installation, the system might display a message saying it couldn’t be accessed.  This happens if the source address is incorrect.  The user should ensure the source address is correct to complete the action. 

However, if the address is correct, the repository may have gone offline. It can also move to a new address, first test the source address on your browser. If the page indicates the folder is empty or a page not found, this is the problem with your Kodi. Research the repository and see the new address it has to connect to. 

The majority of Kodi issues don’t require experts to solve the problem. Some are common problems cause by the changes we have made. Ensure to observe every action you take while operating your Kodi app. 

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, our opinions, reviews, and other editorial content are not influenced by the sponsorship and remain objective.

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