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Why becoming a Python expert is a good career move

There are numerous factors that make Python such a suitable programming language for both coding newbies and moguls to use.

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In December 2021, CodingNomads listed Python as the most popular coding language for 2022.

A dynamic, versatile, and sophisticated language, Python is quickly becoming the world’s most in-demand coding tool used by millions to create show-stopping websites and programs. But as a constantly evolving language, there is always more to learn.

New Python 3.10 Highlights

Each year, a new version of Python is released. In October 2021, Python 3.10 was made available to the public, sparking fresh excitement for coders from across the globe.

Pablo Galindo Salgado, the release manager, built and released Python 3.10 live via YouTube. This was a first for Python, and indeed all other coding languages. Much to the coding community’s delight, this was not the only first to be celebrated.

The new release comes with many unique improvements. Some of the most popular ones include structural pattern matching, simplified syntax for site unions, and improved error messages. Particularly of note is the more actionable and pointed feedback returns for invalid Python coding.

The simplified syntax for type unions now enables coders to manually type out hints without the need for adding extra imports. Through the use of type hints, Python users can annotate their codes using type hints that catch bugs more effectively and subsequently receive more support from editors.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A recent survey shows that Python is currently the top programming language for AI and ML. Due to its highly versatile and adaptive nature, Python attaches seamlessly into the basic structures of AI development, making it a powerful resource for technological improvement now and in years to come.

Some of the qualities that make Python so appropriate for developing AI and ML include its unmatched prototyping speed. The innate flexibility of Python language makes it ideal for molding to the intuitive, constantly evolving nature of AI algorithms.

However, the lack of case statements in previous Python versions prevented users from writing code that fully matched AI’s complexity.

Fortunately, with the new and improved 3.10 version of Python, one can use the python switch case statement. This feature can be found under PEP 634 “Switch Case Python.” It allows programs to better extract information from complex data types and apply specific actions based on those different types of data.

Advancing Web Development Potential

Python is the most widely used programming language for web development. The powerful, easy-to-use programming language is responsible for the development of major applications and sites including Instagram, Google, Uber, Netflix, and Spotify.

There are numerous factors that make Python such a suitable programming language for both coding newbies and moguls to use.

Scalability and ML are two of the factors that have made Python such a popular choice for web development. The frameworks available (Django and Flask) allow coders to build HTML templates that are precise yet flexible while having the option for free use and distribution.

A common phrase in the Python community goes: “Pirates use Flask, the Navy uses Django.” 

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