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Why businesses shouldn’t use their personal phone number

Small things – such as establishing a dedicated, professional business line – can help you project the image needed for long-term, sustainable growth.

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Small business owners that serve customers in Toronto and Ontario can build trust and grow their client base by establishing a professional business number.

Consumers make decisions in a fraction of a second. Your phone number is one of the first things that your customers will use to judge whether they can trust you to solve their problem.

You can give your home-based enterprise a professional appearance with a dedicated virtual business phone service. By making a small investment, you can show potential customers that your offering will meet or exceed their expectations.

Personal Numbers Show a Lack of Professionalism

It takes about seven seconds for a customer to decide if they want to patronize your business. Typically, the very first point of contact for new customers is your phone line. Once a customer contacts you, everything you do after that point will influence whether they choose your business.

Presenting your new customers with a full voicemail box or a message that’s not professional isn’t going to impress them. For a nominal fee, you can set up a separate business line that’s professional and sends the right message to potential buyers.

You’ll Lose Control Over Your Private Life

On the weekends, you may want to take off while staying in touch with friends and family members and sending business calls to voicemail. Alternatively, you may want to avoid all but the most critical personal calls during the week so that you can focus on business. 

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If you use the same line for personal and business calls, there’s no way for you to separate your roles. Ultimately, the two worlds will end up becoming a never-ending responsibility where you never feel in control. You can avoid this easily with a dedicated business line.

You Can Level the Playing Field With a Business Line

Your entire staff may consist of only yourself and a family member. However, with a business line, your customers will never know.

For a modest fee, a business phone service provider can give you access to advanced features such as a toll-free number and the ability to set up an automated, professional greeting. If you desire, you can also set up a menu that routes customers to various departments. f

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There’s no need for customers to know that you’re a one-person operation. With a dedicated business line, you can make the right impression and compel customers to feel confident that you can provide a valuable good or service.

It takes time to build legitimacy for your business. With a small investment, you can quickly and easily establish a 416 number that will help you grow your business now and in the future. 

It doesn’t always take a herculean effort to boost your business credibility. Most often, it’s a combination of many small steps that will give your business a professional image. A dedicated business phone line is one of those things.

Over time, your business will grow. For now, small things – such as establishing a dedicated, professional business line – can help you project the image needed for long-term, sustainable growth.

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