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Why Cacoo Is a great alternative to Visio or Lucidchart

If you want your teams to achieve the above and more, then Cacoo is right for you.

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Flowcharts and diagrams help to simplify workflows, project designs, and ideation. Simply put, they help professionals to get their ideas across visually and quickly. Also, they are great for brainstorming and creativity.  

To create flowcharts that are visually appealing and easy to understand, you need the right tools. In this case, you need dedicated diagramming software. One of the best diagramming software out there is Cacoo. Want to know more about Cacoo? Keep reading….

What is Cacoo?  

Cacoo is a cloud-based diagramming software designed to help professionals create wireframes and flowcharts among others. Developed by Nulab, Cacoo allows you to share diagrams as well as track changes. Teams can collaborate in a conference room or work virtually from anywhere in the world.  Simply put, Cacoo simplifies and enhances your visual workflow.  

What kind of features does Cacoo have to offer? 

Cacoo has several powerful features that enable teams to collaborate in real-time. One of the features that Cacoo has is a powerful editor. Using the editor, professionals can create visuals quick and easy. The cloud-based diagramming software also comes with beautiful templates and intuitive tools.  

A few of the templates include:  

  • Flowcharts  
  • Wireframes/Mockups  
  • Network diagrams  
  • Presentations  
  • Database diagrams  
  • Project timeline  

These templates are available in the following categories namely:  

  • Business  
  • Development  
  • General  
  • Marketing  
  • Product/Design  
  • Project Management 

Apart from the powerful editor and 100s of templates, you can integrate your favorite apps with Cacoo. These apps include:  

  • Google Drive  
  • Google Docs  
  • AWS architecture importer
  • Visio importer
  • Typetalk  
  • Adobe Creative Cloud  
  • Slack  
  • Dropbox  

Cacoo vs Lucidchart vs Visio  

Let’s face it. There are several diagramming software out there. Some are cloud-based like Cacoo while others are both cloud-based and desktop/Windows such as Visio. But what makes Cacoo stand out among other diagramming software?  To learn more, read on.  

Single User Plans  

Cacoo, Lucidchart and Microsoft Visio offer single-user plans but with several differences. Take Cacoo for instance. One version of its single-user plan is free same to Lucidchart. Users have access to 6 sheets, can share with up to 3 collaborators, and can upload files up to 500 KB. Export options are limited to PNG only without any revision.  

Cacoo also offers another single user plan but paid. Available at $4.95 a month, users have access to 1,000 sheets, can collaborate with unlimited users and can upload up to 10 MB. Lucidchart offers a personal plan available for $9.95 a month (paid annually) and Microsoft Visio for $5 a month (paid annually) for a single user.  

For month to month billing, Lucidchart personal plan goes for $11.95 and Microsoft Visio goes for $6. The common feature between all three-diagramming software under the personal plan is that you can import from Microsoft Visio. 

Team and Enterprise Plans  

Small, medium and large businesses can benefit greatly from diagramming software. Not only can their teams visualize ideas and designs but they can collaborate across countries and continents. This improves development and delivery times.  

Cacoo offers both Team and Enterprise plans. Team plan is Cacoo’s most popular plan and starts at $15/month or $5 per user and includes unlimited diagrams, folders, shapes, admin control, commenting, revision history and more. 

Cacoo, Lucidchart and Microsoft Visio offer enterprise plans. Cacoo enterprise plan is an on-premise version and goes for $600/year for 10 users, $1,200/year for 20 users and $12,000/year for 200 users. For a free trial, get in touch with the sales team. If your request is approved, a link to download the application with a 10-day activation will be sent.  

Lucidchart offers Team and Enterprise plans. Starting at $20/month or $7 per user, Team includes unlimited documents, shapes, revision history, premium shapes, chart AI and multiple integrations. For the enterprise plan, contact the sales team at Lucidchart for a quote.  

Microsoft Visio enterprise plan goes for $15 / month per user with an annual commitment. For month to month commitment, an enterprise plan goes for $18 per user. As an enterprise user, you can create professional diagrams with ready-made templates. Your team can also integrate data-linked diagrams into Power BI dashboard to gain insights and more. 


APIs or application program interfaces are tools that help to simplify and streamline engagement with teams. They also provide valuable data insights that aids in brand and product improvement plus service delivery.  

Between Cacoo, Lucidchart and Microsoft Visio, only Cacoo offers an API. Cacoo API allows businesses to get or update data from their Cacoo account. That includes diagrams, chart messages and diagram comments.  

To access Cacoo API, you can do so using any of the following methods:  

  • Use API key  
  • Use the authorization method – OAuth 1.0a 

With access to Cacoo API, businesses can embed content into a website allowing for more fluid information delivery. It also allows for integrated user experience and personalization.  


Another useful feature Cacoo brings to the table is its wide array of collaboration features. Naturally, these sorts of projects are performed best when the whole team is involved. Which is why Cacoo offers tools that allow users to create, edit, and comment on diagrams in real-time. Features include multi-user editing, revision history, comments, and folders and folder permissions for team organization.

Automatic and Real-Time Notifications  

An automatic notification is a message sent via email or as a browser alert indicating a pre-defined event or error condition. Thanks to the automatic notification, action taken resolves errors or improves communication.  

Simply put, automatic notifications allow users to receive critical software and collaboration information in the quickest and most efficient way possible. As you already know, Cacoo and Lucidchart are cloud-based or web-based diagramming software. Microsoft Visio offers both web-based and Windows-based versions for single users and businesses.  

Between the three applications, only Cacoo provides automatic notifications. The notifications can be from teams communicating about updates or from Cacoo announcing new features or due date alerts.  

The automatic notifications:  

  • Keep everyone productive and in sync  
  • Enhance internal communication 
  • Improves time management  

Remember, automatic and real-time notifications improve data quality and save time too.  

Templates and Shapes  

Cacoo offers 900+ templates and shapes to get teams started quickly. These templates are available in the following categories: business, general, development and product/design. The templates and shapes are available to all users under all Cacoo plans.  

Whether you want to create a flowchart, wireframe, UML, infrastructure diagram, mind map, or PERT chart, simply pick the category and diagram to get started quickly. Lucidchart and Microsoft Visio do offer templates and shapes too but they don’t have an extensive library compared to Cacoo. 

Teams can embed diagrams in a wiki, blog or website. Since they are dynamic designs, they automatically update after editing in Cacoo. You can also track revision history and learn when a diagram was last edited. Your team can also save diagram versions to compare them later.  

Is Cacoo Right for Your Business?  

As a business, would you like your team to be aligned and collaborate better? Would you like to showcase visually appealing diagrams to small and large audiences? Want to track versions of each diagram, wireframe, flowchart or network diagram in real-time?  

If you want your teams to achieve the above and more, then Cacoo is right for you. With Cacoo, you can visualize your processes, brainstorm and document your workflow. Your teams can streamline processes and communicate with each other in real-time.  

They can choose to start with a blank page or a template bringing ideas to life. With multiple exporting options and integrations, your teams can work and collaborate securely. 

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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