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Why do people invest in crypto?

Trading crypto has become simpler over time, and thanks to that, this is the best moment to start trading. 

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Regardless of whether you know what cryptocurrencies are about or how to trade on the best crypto exchange, there’s one thing everyone knows, and it’s that many people are trading crypto right now. More people start to trade each year, and that number doesn’t seem to be decreasing in the long term. 

Seeing that many people are trading may leave you with some questions, and one of them is: “why do people invest in cryptocurrencies?” Traders allegedly make money out of it, but do they really?

Here, you can find out. If you are someone who doesn’t understand that much about trading and want to know the appeal everyone sees in it, this is the page for you. 

Crypto Transactions Are Decentralized 

One of the main appeals of trading and crypto transactions is they are decentralized. What that means is that neither governments nor banks control how those transactions work, so you can send or receive payment through Bitcoin freely. 

The reason for that is these transactions go through a blockchain system. It’s called like that because it’s made of blocks of data that have the information of all the crypto transactions made through it. 

Since there’s not any authority controlling your transactions, you can make international crypto transactions whenever you want without needing to pay any additional fees. 

There are, of course, some state limitations regarding what you do when trading and how you manage that for tax purposes. Nonetheless, there’s nothing that keeps you from making all the transactions you want.

It’s Safe from Hackers 

Remember the blockchain server we just talked about? It’s also a public server, so it’s completely safe from hackers and any cyber-attacks. However, even if you don’t trust the safety that blockchain technology offers you, there’s still a way of making sure all your crypto transactions are safe. 

When you get a crypto wallet, which is needed to make crypto transactions, you also get two keys; a signing key and an access key. The former is for making crypto transactions, and the latter is for accessing your funds. 

If you send crypto to another person, they get a part of your signing key to make sure the money comes from you, and the transaction can’t become effective if they don’t verify it. 

Therefore, people want to invest in crypto to have a safe way to profit and make transactions with no one taking their money away from them. 

Regardless of that, you can’t get another signing or access key if you lose the ones you have, so don’t share them with anyone. We recommend you write your passcodes down in someplace only you can access.

It’s Easier than Before 

One of the main appeals of cryptocurrencies is you can invest in them and start your trading sessions without getting out off your couch. There are now mobile and desktop apps, such as Ethereum trader, that make trading easier and focus on improving your trading skills.

Nonetheless, the best thing about those platforms is they have improved over years. They used to only give you some features to analyze your trades, but trading bots can now trade for you and show you what went wrong with your past trades. 

Crypto trading apps also include many educational features, so beginners don’t have to worry about not understanding something they don’t understand. 


We understand investing in cryptocurrencies may seem difficult and too complex for people who don’t know that much about the matter. Trading, though, has become simpler over time, and thanks to that, this is the best moment to start trading. 

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