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Why don’t courier companies rely on public GPS platforms?

A GPS platform your delivery business uses is incredibly vital in determining successful deliveries.

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GPS technology has changed courier and delivery services all over the world. The GPS technology that exists today is very accurate and reliable.

There are two types of ways to utilize GPS technology: private and public GPS platforms. Private platforms are more expensive than public ones and hence include high costs for courier services.

Every delivery business wants the best, most accurate, and reliable GPS information they can find. They hence have to choose which GPS platform to use.

The following are reasons why courier companies rely on public GPS platforms:

GPS Capabilities

To use a GPS platform, a delivery company has to evaluate its capabilities. Most public GPS platforms, including smartphones, use Android operating systems.

The GPS capabilities in Android smartphones are mainly unreliable. Circuit’s delivery route planner is an application that can help bypass poor GPS capabilities. They are inaccurate and cannot offer enough information for efficient navigation by couriers.

Moreover, the GPS capabilities in public platforms are relatively low, which doesn’t offer much to complex courier operations such as fleet management. Therefore, delivery companies are better suited to use private platforms that will provide them adequate features for route planning and delivery execution.

Delivery Tracking

A feature that has become relatively vital for goods shipping and delivery is package tracking. The leading technology used for delivery tracking is GPS trackers. Unfortunately, public GPS platforms are not the best for delivery tracking by companies.

Another reason pertaining to tracking, which makes public GPS platforms inadequate, is that a courier will probably make multiple stops when delivering packages. Many stops will make it difficult for a courier to know which deliveries have been made and which ones have not.

With a more advanced and comprehensive GPS platform, the courier would receive accurate information on all their previous stops. Delivery tracking is hence much easier with private GPS platforms.

Task Management Systems

Automation is another feature that has become essential for shipping and delivery operations. Automation is particularly relevant as it pertains to task management. Physically keeping track of tasks is not only tiresome but also inefficient.

A typical courier has to handle dozens of tasks before they finish deliveries. A task management system would be indispensable in helping them with their deliveries.

The fact is that most public GPS platforms cannot support advanced task management systems. Therefore, couriers are left to handle most task management themselves or using very rudimentary software.

Poor Routing

Good route planning and design require accurate and reliable GPS data. The quality of the GPS data you receive will depend on the GPS platform you use.

Unfortunately, a public GPS platform will not provide you with the best information. The effect will usually be poor routing, where many couriers end up taking the wrong routes.

When couriers take the wrong routes, they significantly increase the chance of getting into accidents. Increased traffic will also affect the delivery’s timing, leading to no control over the courier’s timing.

Timing is an essential factor regarding package delivery; hence a public GPS platform can cause severe inefficiencies.

Loss of Customer’s Trust

As a delivery service, your customers’ trust in you depends on how efficiently you can deliver the packages. It would be best to provide them quickly without damaging the package to have the customer’s trust.

Using a public GPS platform will lead to poor routing and delivery delays expected of every delivery company. However, if it happens too often, it will slowly erode customers’ trust in your business.

In conclusion, a GPS platform your delivery business uses is incredibly vital in determining successful deliveries. The above are several ways a public GPS platform can affect your deliveries. Better to invest in a private platform with all the capabilities you need.

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