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Why is call forwarding beneficial for your business?

Call forwarding is highly beneficial for your business and the advantages we highlighted above are just some of those we could mention.

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Numerous businesses right now handle their receptionist operations in-house. This is especially the case with smaller businesses because of an attempt to save money. While it is completely normal to want to save some cash and increase your profits, you should never sacrifice efficiency. This is where call forwarding steps in to offer a huge lending hand. 

When you have call forwarding enabled, the calls you receive can easily be forwarded to offsite team members, executives, and salespeople. This automatically increases customer service quality. But why would you use it in the first place? 

If you want to decide if call forwarding is beneficial for your business or not, all you have to do is look at the associated advantages. They are presented below so you can make an informed choice. 

Increased Staff Availability

Before the age of mobile phones, when staff members were not present inside offices, voicemail would be the only way to communicate with the business. As a result, the two parties involved in the conversation would end up missing each other. 

With the use of call forwarding, the virtual answering service will send the received calls to another phone. This can be a home phone number or simply the mobile phone of an employee. As a result, real-time help is provided to the caller. This increased staff availability is highly advantageous for your customers. It also helps since it guarantees staff members do not miss out on very important phone calls simply because they are not physically present at a desk. 

Easy Travel

Long gone are the days in which it is very easy to do work inside cubicles. In countless industries, salespeople need to visit prospects. For instance, real estate agents are rarely seen in offices these days. They are usually entertaining customers as they show homes. 

Call forwarding allows you to offer proper customer service while you are on the move. Your employees can travel to any location and the important calls will still be accessible. 

Expanding Company Presence

The use of call forwarding is very dynamic. You do not need to just forward calls from office numbers to cell phones used by employees. Call forward can also be done in order to increase perceived presence while making it very convenient for office visitors. 

As an example, let’s say you run a home office. However, you also do regional work. In this case, multiple local numbers can be set up. They would all be forwarded to your main phone number. A client in another state will not have to make long-distance phone calls. They would simply call a number with their area code. That call would then be patched through to your phone. 


As you can see, call forwarding is highly beneficial for your business and the advantages we highlighted above are just some of those we could mention. You can easily find others. The truth is that if you want to offer the best possible customer service, it is vital that you seriously consider using such a service. 

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