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Why Mailtrap is a good choice for developers

There’s a lot of SMTP servers out there, but today we’ll walk you through why Mailtrap is the best option out there.


Mailtrap is a service where you can view, test and share emails sent from within the system. Mailtrap is an artificial SMTP server that was created by Railsware. The server allows you to perform extensive testing, using real data, but you will never spam your real clientele. Read more about testing SMTP from the command line.

In order to use the service, you will have to register with Mailtrap and set up your own development and staging environment. This will allow for the emails you send to go through SMPT to the Mailtrap server. From that point on, your emails will be automatically grabbed by Mailtrap.


You will be able to use the real email addresses of your customers while implementing tests and developments. Rest assure, Mailtrap will prevent any test emails from going to your clients. This ensures you will never spam any customer accidentally during tests.

How To Integrate With Your Application:

All you have to do is specify Mailtrap as an SMTP server within your settings and track all your email notifications online. You may use framework configurations such as Ruby on Rails, Django, JBoss, etc.

Viewing Your Emails:

You do not have to use their interface, you can forward emails to your mailbox or that of your team members. Just enable automatic forwarding and Mailtrap will act as a proxy between your application and your email clientele.

Why Mailtrap Is A Great Choice:

It’s very easy to use.

You do not have to fine-tune your mail server.

You do not have to clean up your database from clientele’s email addresses.

You do not have to alter your application code.

You may use it for both staging and development purposes.

As Mailtrap uses SMTP, you may use any programming language and framework you want.

Start Using Mailtrap Right Away:

All you have to do is sign up in order to get started as a user. You may join using your Google or GitHub accounts, it’s that simple!

The Pricing Framework At Mailtrap:


Mailtrap is a free service for small groups of developers and projects. For larger, more significant projects, the prices range from $9.99 per month to $24.99 per month. Here is the breakdown:

What You Get With Midge-Trap FREE:

  • One in-box
  • 50 messages per in-box
  • No team members
  • 2 emails/sec per in-box
  • No forward rules.

What You Get With Fly-Trap ($9.99 per month):

  • 20 in-boxes
  • 200 messages per in-box
  • 10 team members
  • 30 emails/10 sec per in-box
  • 10 forward rules per in-box

What You Get With Bee-Trap ($24.99 per month):

  • 60 in-boxes
  • 600 messages per in-box
  • 100 team members
  • 30 emails/10 sec per in-box
  • 10 forward rules per in-box

Mailtrap is an excellent alternative for testing, developing projects while protecting your current clientele from being spammed. Because it runs on STMP, you can use any programming language and framework you prefer. For small development groups, their free option is a perfect choice. Larger teams will be very pleased with their very inexpensive service. You do not have to alter any coding and it’s really easy to sign up and get started!


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