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Why mobile casinos killing land casinos

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The mobile gambling market today is worth a whopping $100 billion. Statistics suggest that the mobile gambling industry will be seeing an impressive growth rate of 19% annually.

All of it makes us ask – why are mobile casinos becoming so popular? More importantly, are land casinos losing out?

How Have Things Changed When It Comes to Gambling?

The 1990’s was pretty different.

If you wanted to play poker or slots, you would have had to go all the way to Las Vegas. Most places didn’t have legalized gambling back then.

Today, gambling is legal in many countries and States, and with online betting, things are just so much easier.

It’s what has made online casinos ever popular. With 82% mobile users, the industry is booming.

Land Casinos: How Are They Affected?

Whether it is buying a toothbrush or buying a house, we are sure you would first look at the prices online. Since you can play your favorite poker or slot game online, aren’t land casinos losing out?

Just like retail stores, it does seem likely at first glance that the development is killing the business of land casinos.

Mobile casinos offer dramatically improved accessibility, helping people who have never been to one to experience it.

The Top Reasons Mobile Casinos May Be Winning

Here is a look at a few reasons why mobile casinos are killing land casinos.

1. They are as Real as It Can Get

Mobile casinos give people the chance to understand how traditional casinos work. Sure, you may not have the same experience, but when you do manage to take a tour to a land casino in the future, you would appreciate it even more.

2. Value for money

Play your favorite online casino games while drinking a pint of beer on your cozy sofa. You save on money since you don’t have to travel or wear expensive clothes and hold an expensive glass of champagne in hand all night long.

3. Online Casinos Are Just Doing It Better

You would expect land casinos to take the cake.

After all, land casinos are not only about a few people sitting around a roundtable. It’s about entertainment. There are live magic songs, stand-up comedians performing, live music, and fire shows and so much more. There are gourmet food and your favorite liquor.

Plus, you get to be away from your kids for a night. It does sound exciting.

Here is the thing though – few land casinos can live up to the hype. Sure, you would love to visit Las Vegas even now. Quality land casinos aren’t going anywhere, but the lower quality ones will have to weed out.

Major land casinos also have their individual online casinos, so they aren’t losing out on business. Instead, they are tapping a market area that was earlier not possible with geographical restrictions.

Major Land Casinos Aren’t Affected

The gambling industry is on the rise. If land casinos have something unique to offer, they won’t be going anywhere.

Las Vegas is earning more money than ever and it defies the reasoning that they are suffering because of online casinos. Casino resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada generated $26.2 billion in revenue in 2016 – 17 fiscal year. Luxury hotels in Las Vegas earned $110.3 million during the same time, a 111.3 per cent increase compared to 2015 – 16.


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