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Why people are getting attracted towards online casinos?

Casino Gaming

A recent Technavio market study showed that the online casino industry is expected to grow at a CAGR over 9% in the coming years until 2021. The numbers are a great positive sign for the gaming industry, and more gaming houses are moving online as people find it as a convenient way of gaming. Since the growth numbers are on the table, it is interesting to discuss what all the growth factors are driving the industry in the next few years. More precisely, an analysis on why more people are betting their lucks in online casinos – the question of both the industry and the players alike.

The Spirit of Gaming

The primary growth factor of casino gaming is none other than the spirit of gaming, and this is irrespective of whether online or offline gaming. Casino games come with a lot of excitement and fun at every step, and that makes it highly engaging. The prize bonanza is additional if the gamer is lucky. Interestingly, the news reports of big wins in the online slots are a real encouraging factor for many newbies.

Every gamer has a reason for the gaming, and that leads them to the machines and start testing their luck. While some people see it as a tension reliever at the end of the day, a few others see it as strategically and try to earn some quality income. For some others, it is all about socializing with people or simply enjoy the gaming and casino gaming has become a big entertainment sector in the recent years.

Advancement of Technology

While coming specifically to online casinos, the technology advancement played a critical role in converting a sizable number of people queuing for online casinos. It gave people the option to play casino games from their home at their convenient time. The availability of the 24 × 7 online gaming has helped both gamers as well as gaming houses to mutually benefit each other.

Also, the availability of mobile gaming, in the form of apps, gave added popularity and acceptance from millennials – the future regular customers of the industry. Accessibility to high-speed internet in the recent years also paved ways to improve the headcount for online gaming.

Innovation by the Gaming Houses

The gaming houses played a significant role by capitalizing the innovation in technology and strategy. The industry understood the importance of the largest community – the internet community – quickly. It learned that people are no longer interested in visiting brick and mortar gaming houses due to various factors. They also identified that the best market for any business is none other than the internet.

Casino Tech

The targeted approach of gaming houses has helped them to make a significant presence online in the recent years. While the gaming in the initial years, especially slot games, were a matter of luck, the slot developers started introducing skill-based games in the later years. The game developers are also specific about bringing out new online slot games at regular intervals of time to engage people who seek for alternate and new gaming options.

Also, creating video game-like themes for the casino games was another strategy that brought youngsters into the gaming. Additionally, integration with social media platforms like Facebook has further extended the popularity of the gaming. Introduction of free-to-play simulated type gambling games and social casino gambling has brought even people who are reluctant into the world of online gaming.

Aggressive Acquisition Strategies of Houses

Gaming houses introduced demo games, online casino bonuses, free spin options, options to play without a deposit, and more to attract people into the gaming. Some houses introduced loyalty programs for regular gamers with promotions weekly, monthly, and more. Also, considering the larger internet community and better scalability over bricks and mortar gambling houses, the online centers started offering better odds to the customers. All these factors significantly contributed to the addition of new gamers into their platforms.


It is already concluded that the online gaming industry is the one that is going to survive leaving brick and mortar centers far behind. The governments across the world show positive signs towards legalizing online gaming, and the moves are expected to intensify the numbers in the coming years.

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