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Why tech certifications may be more important than degree

The boundaries of education have widened the spectrum by providing great quality of online courses and certificates.

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There were times when only granted universities were allowed to give degrees and certifications. Moving ahead with modernization, certifications are now made available online too through private institutes. Thanks to the increasing digital education system. It has brought education to everyone’s doorstep, making it easily accessible.

The boundaries of education have widened the spectrum by providing great quality of online courses and certificates. Online courses have a great advantage over offline ones. It helps minimize the time needed to travel from one place to another. 

In the field of IT (Information Technology), certification as a professional is mandatory. It acts as a legal document regarding your expertise. Following this, it is also necessary to get the certification done from the best ones. So that, it would provide the gateway towards a successful interview and also a safe career. So if you are willing to get a certified course in IT, I suggest the name of the “Jenkins Certification Training course”.

Beneficial aspects of the course:

  • They provide enough study content, which makes it easier to understand any concept thoroughly. 
  • Along with theoretical knowledge, they also concentrate on practical expertise.
  • Looking towards today’s needs, they have created an expert industrial practical based course.
  • The study guidelines are available so that you can assist yourself, which will help you recognize your strength and weaknesses.
  • Tests that are conducted, are maintained under a strict environment.
  • During the online classes, questions can be asked, hence making it a very interactive approach.
  • Discussions are encouraged as well, which helps in exchanging knowledge.
  • Every online class is recorded and stored. So, one can see the same session again if required.
  • Centers for exams are provided by “Parametric” all over the world.
  • If you have any queries after the session, you can contact them 24/7 through email, chats, and calls.

Types of Courses available :

It consists of two certifications :

  1. Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) for Jenkins certification
  2.   Certified Cloud Bees Jenkins Platform Engineer (CCJPE) for certification on Cloud Bees Jenkins Platform.

Each one of the courses above has their syllabus mentioned in the website.

They also provide courses for topics such as automation, building pipelines, automated testing, improving the code quality. Some important features are also covered during the exam preparation, such as API, Notifications, Installation and configuration, Security.

It includes courses from one day to one month of duration.

Perks of Jenkins Certification:

  • Jenkins Certification acts as a token of your experience in the practical work.
  • The exam levels that are introduced, bring the best out of the candidates.
  • It provides you professional-grade certification.

Who all can do the course :

  • It is helpful for Software engineers, system administrators, testing engineers..
  • If one has a basic knowledge of release management, it can be also useful.

 Key Features :

  • The courses are divided into chapters which makes it easy to understand every topic.
  • Each course has quizzes and drills so that you can check the progress.
  • Assignments are also given to check your understanding.
  • Every course has a project, that allows experimenting with your learning.
  • The candidates can access the course as per their convenience.
  • This training course also supports devices like Android, PC, iOS

Once you have enrolled for the course, it will not disappoint you at any level. The Jenkins certification becomes a verification tool of your expertise as a Jenkins professional. Industrial training is also given to you, which acts as a key aspect.

During the exams, you only have to visit the test center and the PCs are made available. Depending on the type of course, study material is available. Even after the certification, you can stay connected to the forum for the rest of your life. 

The courses are designed in a manner, where one can surely improve during every test. The assignments and practical knowledge will help a lot during the actual job. Mentors of the course are well experienced in their own areas of interest. At the end of the project, you get proper feedback from professionals. 

So, what are you waiting for? Select the course of your choice, get upgraded, and become an expert. Get the job of your dreams. 

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