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Why using a remote browser is critical to your online safety

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Large business organizations with various departments usually necessitate a business administrator. This business administrator—concerned with the efficiency of the business organization as a whole—is definitely above the individual head of each department. As the overseer of all departments, he knows how critical it is for each department to efficiently function, and he understands that any problem in each department that may appear inconsequential may soon become huge and eventually jeopardize the business organization as a whole.

A banking institution with many departments is a good example of a large business organization. Each department of the banking institution needs to function efficiently to make the whole banking business run smoothly. Of course, some departments have more critical roles to play in a banking institution. The bank’s maintenance department, for example, has, as one of its concerns, the task of finding the best vinyl decals subcontractor. This task may be a less critical job compared to the tasks on the shoulders of the head of the network security department. If the vinyl subcontractor fails, it doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of the whole banking institution; a failure of the network security department could be catastrophic for the business.

The security managers, therefore, should do their jobs to the best of their abilities, for any successful cyber-attack on the bank’s data will surely have grave repercussions that could lead to compromising the personal data of thousands of clients. They are duty-bound to install cutting-edge network security measures to ward off cyber-attacks.

The Most Brutal Wars are Waged Online

We have heard of the great wars of the past, like the two World Wars, the Korean War, the Arab-Israeli War, and many other wars. These wars were characterized by brutalities and ferocities. However, the fiercest wars nowadays are not waged on actual battlefields but are waged online against cyber-hackers.

Cyber-hackers are quickly evolving, and they are continuously devising new means to infiltrate organizational data. These cyber-attackers are professional hackers who don’t sleep on the job. Hence, if you are a network security department head, you would surely have less time to sleep and you must always be on the lookout for any possible or actual breach into your organizational network.

What is Network Security?

There are various avenues by which cyber-hackers can infiltrate a banking network. The seemingly innocent computer browser, for example, can pave the way for a successful cyber-attack. Browsers may look safe to use, but they are fraught with vulnerabilities. Cyber-hackers can readily exploit these inherent vulnerabilities, considering that most companies permit their employees to use browsers like Google and Yahoo. Moreover, the employees of banking institutions are not immune to the use of browsers because they use electronic data and email.

The Ultimate Cyber Defense

Previous network security measures are passive in dealing with cyber-attacks. They usually wait for any data breach before they move in to contain the breach. But malware can lodge itself undetected for several months inside a network system while pilfering data from the network. To make the banking network impregnable to malware attacks, a breakthrough cybersecurity technology has been developed by Fire-glass, and it is called “remote browsing isolation platform.”

This remote browser allows web users within any institution to maximize browser usage using a remote browsing platform. This remote browser is seamlessly integrated into the network system, although the browsing is done remotely in the cloud. Lastly, this isolation platform prevents any contact between the system’s network and any malware, and thus prevents a cyber-attack.  

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