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Why you need an app for your small business

Competing online as a small business is no easy task. It requires a good idea, but also a strong brand presence, which a small business app can help you achieve

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The internet can be a daunting, hyper-competitive place for a small business, especially if you are attempting to compete in a market that is already shored up by bigger players. You need every competitive advantage you can get.

Luckily, if the internet has done one thing positive for small businesses, it has democratized marketing and brand building. While the size of your marketing budget may be tiny in comparison to your bigger competitors, things like customized apps can have a major impact on ROI. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in an app if you are a small business.

To market your products/services directly 

The biggest draw of a personalized app for many small business owners is the unparalleled access to data it provides. If you are not leveraging big data in some way, you are almost always going to be outcompeted by businesses that do.

Apps collect valuable information about your customers that allow you to better tailor and customize your marketing – down to the person.

To get your customers more engaged 

Web 2.0 is all about interaction and engagement, and this extends to businesses as well. People aren’t just buying your product or service, they are buying your brand. They want more personalized interaction.

Engagement also means being able to respond to queries faster, and deal with potential PR disasters promptly.

To provide a nexus between your social media and your marketing

When you build a custom app for your small business, you can merge your social media presence with your marketing efforts. When your customers download your app, you can turn the experience into a social one by providing messaging functionality, both in-app and via Facebook and Twitter.

Having an app adds another layer to how you engage with and interact with people on social media, and also provides increased opportunities for data collection and more nuanced marketing campaigns.

To leverage the incredible amount of mobile internet traffic 

All it takes is a simple glance around you in almost any public setting to realize just how many people are constantly connected to the internet through their mobile phones. Over half of all internet traffic nowadays is mobile, and over 90 percent of the time people spend on mobile devices is spent using apps.

A mobile app means yet another way for your small business to connect with its customers and speak to them using the mediums they prefer and are most comfortable with.

Being a small business online can be both overwhelming, and exhilarating. While the amount of competition in a global marketplace is certainly staggering, things like business websites and apps make it so that anyone with a good idea, the desire to see it through, and the requisite technological know-how has a good chance at success.

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