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Why you should be streaming using a VPN

We explore the reasons why you should be streaming using a VPN, from unblocking content to staying safe on public networks. Always be secure!

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VPNs are fantastic for a lot of things, be it security or hiding your internet activity from your ISP. Streaming is one thing you can enhance wonderfully with a VPN, so look at some of the reasoning behind it.

You should be streaming using a VPN because:

  • You can unlock more content.
  • There are more services available to you.
  • If offers safety on public WiFi.
  • You can access home-country content while abroad.

Unblock More Content

Different countries have different shows and movies on their streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Eventually, you run out of things you want to watch—so why not avail of another country’s library instead?

With a VPN you can unblock almost any Netflix library in the world. The US, UK and Japan are popular choices, but you can often unlock Australia, New Zealand and European countries’ libraries too. That gives you a wealth of content in lots of languages, for top-notch entertainment.

This chart of the best Netflix libraries in the world will reveal what libraries you may wish to unblock.

Access More Services

If other countries’ Netflix and Prime Video libraries aren’t enough for you, instead you can unblock whole services you couldn’t access previously. Hulu was once for US-users only, but a VPN gets anyone access. Meanwhile, non-UK Natives can jump on that BBC iPlayer bandwagon.

Stay Safe In Public

Public WiFi is usually terrible, but occasionally it works for streaming. This is great if you want to watch an episode of your favorite show on your lunch break. It’s also fantastic if you’re traveling on a vehicle with WiFi, or you’re in an airport.

However, public WiFi isn’t safe. Anyone can access it and hackers are everywhere. Your phone and laptop hold far more personal information than you may realize—passwords, credit card details, private documents—so if you’re hacked, you’re in big trouble.

Using a VPN while streaming on public WiFi will keep you safe from this. It gives you a new IP and virtual location, as well as encrypts all your activity so nobody can access your information or see what you’re doing.

If a VPN slows your connection too much in public then we suggest streaming on data, not WiFi—but even then a VPN can make things a lot safer.

Access Home While Travelling

If you’re a frequent traveler and are invested in a TV show on your home country’s Netflix, you may wish to stream using a VPN. That way you can access your home country’s services even when abroad, so the media consumption never stops.

How To Stream With a VPN

It’s not difficult to learn how to stream with a VPN and there are plenty of in-depth articles on the topic. However, for most people, it’s as easy as selecting a VPN, picking a server location and hitting connect.

Once connected you can refresh your browser and it will think you’re in your new location.

Streaming With a VPN: Final Thoughts

VPNs offer security in public and home access while streaming abroad. They also let you unlock the world, enriching yourself by consuming international media.

There are tons of reasons someone might want a VPN, but for many, streaming is the driving factor. A solid VPN will unblock most if not all streaming sites and is a solid investment.

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