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Why you shouldn’t use the WordPress theme check plugin

In the end, you need a professional set of eyes to take a look at your theme, test it, and highlight common problems.

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If you are developing your own WordPress theme, you can use the WordPress Theme Check plugin to help you edit and correct your theme.

You can also check to see if your theme would make it into the theme directory.

A lot is said about the quality of this tool, but this article offers the idea that perhaps you shouldn’t use (or at least you shouldn’t rely on) the WordPress theme check.

Craft To Your Own Design

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A little bit is mentioned later about writers and things like the Hemingway app, where writing is sterilized and made clinically correct, forsaking all personality, charm, wit, and narrative quality of the written text.

When you build your own WordPress theme, you add your own flavor.

You are adding what you feel is needed, and sometimes, tools like the WordPress Theme Check don’t agree with your creative design.

More about the Hemingway app and writers later, but for now, consider your WordPress theme and how different, unique and amazing it is compared to those in the theme library.

Simply due to how different your theme is, may cause your theme to be flagged with problems.

The theme app doesn’t know that you made those unique differences on purpose, it may think you have done a bunch of random stuff by accident.

Crafting your own design may mean running a few checks on your website theme using the plugin but not living by what the plugin says.

It is a little like when you spellcheck your written text. You don’t make every suggested change. In many cases, you ignore quite a few of those red squiggly lines in your spellchecker. A similar element exists in the theme-checking world.

Sometimes, the many pieces of advice being offered by the theme checker are just more red squiggly lines to be ignored. 

You Should Use The WordPress Theme Check Plugin

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This is not a contrarian point, nor is this article “Flipping the script,” this is just an honest point about the theme checker. 

To put it in context, there are tools for writers like “The Hemingway App.” These tools are great for terrible writers who need help with syntax, grammar, and spelling but are awful for great writers.

These types of apps are there to help people conform to other written articles of a similar nature, scope, and quality. They are there to smooth out the rough edges of writing.

This is great for bad, mediocre, and okay writers but is terrible for great writers because it removes creativity and individuality.

It is just like if somebody watched Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Pulp Fiction” and started insisting that it was all shot and edited in chronological order to be like all the other movies. 

The WordPress Theme Check tool will not suit some more dynamic, different, and sophisticated premium themes.

But, it will smooth out a few rough edges that may hold your website back. Don’t forget that the tool helps you avoid eval(), and it will check to see if one of your freelance programmers hasn’t added AdSense code into the theme.

The tool is useful as a guide to help highlight some of the things you may have missed. In other words, it isn’t all bad.

You Should Get Some Good Advice

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Let’s say you run your own checks on your WordPress themes, and you even use the WordPress tools to see if your theme is okay.

In the end, you need a professional set of eyes to take a look at your theme, test it, and highlight common problems.

You need advice from professionals simply because they deal with a wide range of issues and problems, some of which you will not have thought of.

A professional service, such as a web developer or security tester, can help highlight issues you wouldn’t have recognized until your website theme was launched.

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