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What will gaming look like in the future?

How do you envision the future of gaming? Will console platforms survive?


If you have ever seen the mobile gaming field in detail, you should know how gaming will look like after few years. Similarly, it would be easy to say that console games were the biggest things of the last decade but now are way too behind due to the lack of flexible payment subscription and high prices.

While there is a truth for both above statements, the second one is stated without seeing the latest innovation in the gaming consoles that are currently underway. In Fact, the console market is proving its growth through adapting the various successful gradation from the mobile gaming platform.

In order to understand this difference more clearly, let see some of the data figures given by gaming data collectors company SuperData Research.

According to the recent reports, digital video games sales has beaten their previous records and has significantly made a huge improvement, making 8% growth and total revenue of around $61 billion. This trend has changed the direction of all top consoles and developers. Now they have started developing such gaming experience that will allow the gamers to play through free payment structure and access a server full of games.

Now the top gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation are more focused towards this digital strategy, we can hope that this trend will continue to grow in the market. This further proves when it comes to physical gaming, for example, DVD sales has been decreased by 13%, dropping the revenue by $5.3 billion in the recent year and after five years it is expected that these games will only be downloaded not purchased in the form of physical hardware such as DVD. At present, the console downloads are valued around $4 billion.

This should not be a big surprise to all the gamers, since the mobile market has already taken a big step in the digital gaming world, growing by 10% last year with a total revenue of $25.1 billion is a big achievement. Tablets have already taken few percent of gaming market, thus it is expected that due to their hybrid nature, tablets can be good alternatives to these gaming consoles in the near future. However, the leading consoles’ have taken various steps to maintain their market through providing the games the way tablets and desktop provide.

The latest update of online Grand Theft Auto is expected to have a big impact on the gaming platform because of the update that would include real time cash flow in the casinos within the game environment. For example mobile casino games, which will enable user to play the game with real money but in the virtual environment. Also, the latest Hitman: Agent 47 has been released in an episodic format which will be played in a better way in other gaming platform as compared to these consoles because the main reason would be the incremental changes in the game, giving gamers the freedom to buy as few or as many. This trend has given huge growth in the mobile market and consoles are borrowing their way in order to keep them at top.

This not only represent such improvement in the gaming market but also depicts the future that gamers would be able to operate with a cross-platform area.

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