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Will Halo Infinite reignite the franchise?

Halo Infinite officially lands on Xbox and PC on December 8th. 

halo infinite gameplay
Image: Xbox

Whether you work as a coal miner or an employee training specialist, you’ve probably heard of the Halo franchise. The Halo franchise is one of the sole reasons for the Xbox’s initial launch success and continued growth over the next decade.

Despite being one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time, Halo started to fall off with fans around 2012 when Halo 4’s reception wasn’t well-received. This downward trend only increased when Halo 5 received large amounts of criticism and derision from the fan base.

Despite all of this, Halo Infinite is seeking to reverse the past decade or decline and shoot Halo back up to the top where it once stood. Here are some signs that Halo Infinite could reignite this classic franchise. 


One of the main criticisms from the 343 Halo games was the art style not reflecting the original trilogies. This is especially true when playing Halo 5 as the color saturation and “busy” environments took away from what made Halo, Halo.

Infinite has paid tribute to its predecessors with its nature-bound and Forerunner aesthetics, sometimes being called an “evolution of Halo 3”. Halo Infinite’s art style is bringing back the mystery, size, and wonder of the Halo universe. 

Movement Options

Another controversial topic in regards to the newest Halos were their advanced movement options. The first three Halos lacked any kind of sprint function or fancy bursts of speed. Finally added into Reach, these new additions received mixed feedback from fans, the new additions for Halo 5 made it feel like a different franchise entirely.

In Halo Infinite, this was balanced by making sprinting only around 10% faster than walking and other options like sliding and clambering. Also, the physics engine of Halo Infinite allows for creative and near-limitless combinations when combined with the game’s sandbox. 

Sandbox, Weapons, and Equipment

The sandbox of a first-person shooter is probably one of the most important aspects of the game. Luckily, Halo Infinite is showing a very balanced and creative sandbox for players. Returned classics such as the assault rifle and needler have gotten visual and functional upgrades while new additions, such as the Skewer, blend in with the old perfectly.

Other favorites include being able to use equipment, the grapple hook and repulsor, and being able to throw fusion coils. Halo Infinite officially lands on Xbox and PC on December 8th

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