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Will we really experience a future with driverless cars

Driverless cars are our future.

waymo's self-driving cars go live
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Most people are anticipating the driverless cars in the near future. But, will this become a reality or it just a dream? A number of car companies, such as Tesla, have developed the future driverless car prototypes and concepts. This brings hope to the majority of people anticipating the driverless car. The technology is advancing rapidly, thus the likelihood of driverless cars in the future is quite promising.

What Are the Advantages of Driverless Cars?

  1. No More Human Error

Driverless vehicles will help reduce the occurrence of accidents. This is because most car accidents are caused by human error and the driver being distracted. Since these autonomous cars are controlled by the computer, the possibility of an accident is very minimal.

  1.  Cheaper Insurance

The cost of insurance will go down. Insurance premiums are calculated based on the probability of risks. Human error will be a thing of the past; therefore, making the insurance premiums lower for self-driving cars.

  1. Saving Time

Driverless cars will help us save time on the road. Since they are computer controlled, they can drive safely even at higher speeds. They are capable of parking themselves, switching lanes, and decelerating with the traffic.

  1. Good for the Environment

The driverless cars are controlled by computers and will be electric. Therefore, our environment will no longer suffer due to toxic emissions of fossil fumes from cars.

  1. An Advantage for Senior Citizens or Physically Disabled

The old and the disabled can independently get into their cars and move freely. The cars we are using today are not friendly to this category of people. They need the help of someone to drive them where they need to go. It will help them live a better and easier life. Children can get into the car by themselves. This is because these cars will be programmed to help them.

How Will The Driverless Cars Affect Traffic Laws?

There are traffic laws in place that control how we use our current cars. Since the driverless cars are not yet here, the laws cannot be made. However, we can only predict that the traffic laws regulating the driverless cars will revolve around technology. To get more insights on the traffic laws in regards to autonomous cars, visit

How Will The Autonomous Cars Affect The Transportation Industry In Future?

Although it is hard to tell how the future will look with the presence of autonomous cars, there is a high probability that they will be here sooner than we expect. The technology is advancing very quickly, which is making the dream of autonomous cars a reality. The transportation industry will be greatly impacted. Most people will no longer own cars.

We need to get ourselves ready for driverless cars. We will no longer see autonomous cars in movies, but rather on our roads. Driverless cars are our future.

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