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How to Win at Betting: 10 Easy Steps That Bookies Don’t Want You to Know

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Surely, betting is a fun way to spend your free time after a hard day at work. But what if you want to get the most out of your hobby and even make some money while enjoying the betting process? In this case, you have to make bets smartly. Here are some tips that may help you achieve better results while betting on esports.

  1. Form a reasonable bankroll for betting

The first rule of betting which you should stick to is to limit the amount of money you use for betting. Use only excessive money for betting, which is not required to ensure a comfortable life of yours and your family. Also, don’t even think about making loans to bet on a game – it can turn very nasty for you.


A good way to make it is to create a separate bank account solely for your betting hobby. Figure out the amount of money you want to spend on betting this month and deposit it to your account. This will prevent you from going too far and spending money you don’t want to spend.

  1. Pick a good place to make bets

Research the market and find a bookmaker who will fit you best. If you are willing to make bets on esports, we recommend you to find a bookmaker who is dedicated solely to it.

One of the best options you have is to make esports bets at This website provides a great variety of games and payment methods, and the best odds on the market. Naturally, there are plenty of other similar website – make your research and chose the one you like more.

  1. Choose a game you want to make bets on

A good idea would be to stick to one game you know best. You want to know every aspect of the game you make bets on: mechanics and rules of the game, competitive scene and team rosters. Even if you want to make bets on several games – choose those which you are familiar with. Don’t risk and play with an unknown beast – it can bite you:)


One of the most popular esport games is Dota 2. The game has the highest prize pools in the industry and a decent number of viewers, so it’s no wonder that dota 2 real money betting is a huge thing. Interestingly enough, while men prefer to make bets using real money, women tend to use in-game skins.

  1. Create a betting schedule

We are here to make a serious business, right? It means you need a schedule. Each week check the upcoming matches and decide on which of them you want to bet. Don’t forget – betting is about achieving small wins and getting a big reward in the result, not about a single big win.

  1. Bet with clear mind only

Esports betting is a type of gambling which allows you to make an informed decision and get a real chance of winning. Don’t waste this opportunity!


Being under influence of alcohol or medication prevents you from making a smart decision. Also, it’s a bad idea to make a bet based on your previous bet, be at a bad or a good one. Stay focused on your goal, don’t get distracted by emotions caused by a spontaneous win or lose.

  1. Keep your records

If you want to make bets over extended periods, you should keep records of your bets. Create a simple table in Word or Excel with all info needed to keep track of your betting activity. Such a table may consist of the following information: date, stake, odds, result. This will give you a bigger picture which will allow you to make better decisions long-term.

  1. Understand how the odds are calculated

One would expect that the odds are a simple reflection of how bookmakers rate chances of a team winning in a match. In fact, they are not solely focusing on predicting the outcome of the match – instead, they predict how the general public will play. Use this knowledge to your advantage and determine the best opportunities to make bets on. In general, it’s strongly advised to use your mathematical skills while making bets.

  1. A favored team doesn’t always win

Don’t be afraid of betting on an underdog, if the odds are right. There are quite a few examples of when the bookies failed to predict the right outcome of a match or an event.

One of the best examples of this in the history of esports is The International 2016Dota 2 Championship. Wings Gaming, a Chinese team with 5 almost unknown players, were considered to be underdogs of the tournament. Yet they managed to win the biggest esports event and take home $9,139,002.

  1. Be ready to lose from time to time

No one likes losing, but you need to accept that this is inevitable and you will lose from time to time. What we care about is a big picture – are you in the black or in the red at the end of a month?

  1. Try to not bet with your heart

If your goal is to win money – try to avoid betting on or even against your favorite team. If you feel affection for a team – it may hinder your ability to reasonably analyze the situation.

On the other hand, you can place a relatively small bet on your favorite to increase tension while watching the match. In this case, we recommend you to use a smaller amount of money on your bet.


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