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Wondershare DVD Creator makes burning and editing DVDs a breeze

I’m sure there are people out there dedicated to preserving media in a physical form.

wondershare dvd creator burning
Image: Wondershare

DVDs are quickly becoming a vintage product, not so much because of the technologies that came after featuring better quality, but mostly because of the rise of streaming services. Still, they can be a palpable medium to watch your favorite movies, a nice memento to have on the shelf or a physical memory of a special moment.

Maybe thinking about this last aspect, the creators of Wondershare DVD Creator built a really good program that simplifies the task of creating DVDs to an extreme, completely killing the idea that only professional videographers or producers could do it. And, despite the name, this software can also work with Blu-Ray.

Wondershare DVD Creator is extremely easy to use

Wondershare DVD Creator is a really powerful software for video burning, as it handles 150 formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI and more, and burn that content to DVD, DVD folder, Blu-ray DVD folder, ISO or Blu-ray disc.

wondershare dvd creator burning

Image: Wondershare

This program is also very user-friendly, as it features the ability to burn DVDs with a single click, making this an easy to use program for virtually any user. DVD project files can also be saved at any point, making it possible for users to stop editing and return as they please.

Given that video is its primary focus, Wondershare DVD Creator also has its own built-in video editor, which allows for users to edit and improve their recordings with 5 basic and helpful tools: trim, crop, enhance, watermark and subtitle. It is also possible to create custom DVD menus, for a more personal or professional approach, according to the occasion.

wondershare dvd creator burner

Image: Wondershare

Whether you are a videographer wanting to sell your creations in a physical medium or someone with no experience whatsoever in burning DVDs, Wondershare DVD Creator can definitely fill your most pressing DVD burning needs, so be sure to take it for a spin.

Is this something you would use? Do you even own a DVD player anymore? Let us know in the comments.

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