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XGIMI sits down with Hollywood insiders to discuss the shift to home cinema & Hollywood trends

In the run-up to the Oscars, XGIMI sits down with Hollywood Masters to discuss how their award-winning projectors bring the cinema experience home and key trends in the film industry in 2021.

Hollywood has increasingly shifted to a direct-to-consumer model to cope with the COVID crisis over the last year, and according to the 2020 THEME Report by the Motion Picture Association, global streaming service subscriptions have grown 26% in just the last year, now exceeding 1.1 billion. 

As people are now enjoying new releases in their homes, companies like XGIMI are uniquely positioned to help drive in-home entertainment by providing fans with a portable movie experience, anywhere.  XGIMI’s release of “Pre-Oscar Industry Insights: Talk with The Master,” takes the conversation one step further to provide an outlet for discussion on this and other key topics influencing the film industry.  

As Oscar’s approach, XGIMI sat down with four Hollywood masters to discuss the impact of portable projectors on the evolution of home cinema and a wide range of other topics influencing the film industry this year.  It is filmed with a cinematic backdrop using XGIMI’s new 4K Projector to screen film clips of 2021 Oscar-nominated films.

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Interviewees included: John Patrick Hughes, Co-Founder of Tau Films, 4-time Oscar winner for best visual effects, Director and Co-Founder of Calabasas Film Festival, Nicole Fries, Founding Partner at Astro-Nomical Entertainment, Chris Henderson, (101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan Producer), and Former President of Marza Animation, Chuck Williams (Producer of Sonic the Hedgehog). 

XGIMI invites movie buffs and film industry insiders alike to join the discussion on why projectors have and will continue to play a key role in the evolution of how Hollywood releases films and how home theaters. Powered by better technology, home theaters are providing a fertile breeding ground for the continued growth of an industry that has had to increasingly evolve during the COVID crisis. 

The short film includes discussions around the development of such movies as Peter Pan, The life of Pi, Ying Yang Master, and other blockbusters this year as well as the rise in cross-border film collaborations in addition to how Hollywood filmmakers see the growth of the homes theater segment.

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