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The all-new Xiaomi Mi 5GHz WiFi Router 3 for $27.59 is an absolute steal

Cheap, Effective & Lightweight- Xiaomi Mi 5GHz WiFi Router 3. What more could you ask for?

xiaomi mi 5GHz WiFi router 3

Aren’t you sick & tired of using regular old WiFi routers that don’t give a clear signal in the next room? You can fix all those hassles for the price of $27.59 with Xiaomi Mi 5GHz WiFi Router 3. This router provides access to your private Internet connection even 3 floors down.

What’s new about Xiaomi Mi 5GHz WiFi Router 3?

With an extremely minimalist design and snow white exterior, you would think of it as anything but a sturdy powerhouse. It is super lightweight too. Add to that the no-button-effect anywhere on the body and you’ve got yourself a futuristic product. I mean who uses that reset button anyway? Plug it into the power socket and off you go surfing like a pro.

First impressions

You might think that the four external antennas are unnecessary or it could be a creative design that Xiaomi came up with but it does serve a purpose.


The Xiaomi Mi 5GHz WiFi Router 3 delivers up to 867 megabytes per second speed on 5GHz. This router works on a dual-band network that gives your home network the much-needed boost even when you’re in the building lobby waiting for your pizza delivery. This is on top of the regular 2.4GHz of course.


At the backside, you will find 2 LAN Ports (should have been at least 2 more!), 1 WAN Port, 1 power port, 1 USB 2.0


Mi WiFi Router 3 is highly secure and supports cross-platform- Android, iOS, Mac OSX, all Windows versions. You can even manage your network settings with a Xiaomi MiWifi App that’s available in English.

Where to Buy?

Right now, Mi Router 3 is up for grabs at GearBest’s Autumn Bumper Flash Sale for only $27.59 but there are less than 35 units remaining so you gotta hurry.

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