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The XY3 Bluetooth Item Finder will help you never lose your stuff again

Get some peace of mind with the XY3 Bluetooth Item Finder.

Get some peace of mind with the XY3 Bluetooth Item Finder.

Never worry about losing your keys or any other item you find of value with the XY3 Bluetooth Item Finder. Made for use with both Android and iOS, this tiny gadget helps you find your stuff when its lost by notifying you when you leave it behind.  Using the devices app on a smartphone, users can see an item’s last known location on a map, when the finder goes out of range, or if the finder is near your device.

The third generation of the XY3 Item Finder comes equipped with a speaker five times louder than the XY2 so you can hear and find your items much faster. The device is available in eight colors, you can also rely on the XY3 community if you ever lose the device itself. When someone else is within range, you’ll receive a personal notification to give you its whereabouts.

Key Features: 

  • Find your things by using your phone
  • Ring your lost phone, even if it’s on silent
  • Keep Near notifications let you know if you’re leaving something behind
  • Replaceable battery and water resistant
  • Free iOS and Android app

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