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Yahoo Answers, a staple of the old internet, is closing on May 4

So long and thanks for the ridiculous memories.

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The most unhelpful questions and answers site on the internet, Yahoo! Answers, is closing permanently on May 4. You’ve got until 4/20 to be able to ask questions or answer them, or until June 30 to download your personal data.

Yes, that means the home of meme-fodder like “How is Babby formed?” will no longer exist. While the site was an important part of internet history, in recent years the lack of content moderation had allowed right-wing views to take over the forums. How right-wing? Well, one of the top “trending” questions is “Will America survive 4 years of Joe Biden?”

It seems that Yahoo Answers has finally become too much trouble for owner Verizon Media Group, who picked it up as part of Yahoo!’s portfolio back in 2017 for just under $5 billion. Rather than add moderation to clean up the cesspit it’s turned into (or maybe always was?), the forum is being closed, and seemingly all data will be deleted in the future.

Where will internet users go to ask important questions, like “Did I turn my boyfriend into a vampire? ?” or “HOW DO I TURN OFF CAPSLOCK?” The world may never know, since these important queries aren’t high-brow enough for Quora, and Redditors would probably downvote them into oblivion if they weren’t deleted by automod or moderators for posting in the wrong subreddit.

Goodbye Yahoo Answers, haven for badly-needed sex advice for so many years.

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