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Yanu is an AI-powered robot that wants to get you drunk

Meet Yanu – The fully autonomous robot bartender powered by AI.

Yanu ai robotic bartender
Image: Yanu

For a long time, it was thought that artificial intelligence (AI) was a myth, a product of science fiction that would never come true – the idea was that machines could never have features that resemble intelligence, exclusively human-like features.

Future has proved those opinions wrong, and to an extent where, nowadays, we can even have an AI-powered robotic bartender. Its name is Yanu, and in the near future, it can be your best company when you feel like going to a bar to get a taste of that sweet liquor.

If you think this is just a fancy liquor vending machine, think again. Yanu actually has a “personality,” so to speak, meaning that patrons can have a genuine interaction with it, instead of just pressing some boring button to order what they want.

Watch Yanu in action here:

With Yanu, service is definitely more efficient, as it works with precision and low operating costs. Also, no sick days, over-serving, or taxes. The fact that Yanu is a novelty will also surely bring in patrons to any bar, and it requires no training at all, because all the most popular recipes are in the system by default, and the AI allows for it to produce any drink ordered by a patron.

But Yanu has other impressive features: it serves 100 to 150 drinks per hour, holds 1500 to 2000 drinks and cocktails in one load, can be used with voice or via a mobile app, handles payments automatically, and has cloud-based maintenance whenever something goes wrong.

Adding to its novelty, Yanu can be ordered in three different and vibrant colors: “Virgin White,” “Shadow Black” and “Royal Red.”

In order to get financing, the company behind Yanu launched its own ICO. So far, they’ve managed to collect around $1 million in the first week of pre-sale of Yanu ICO, meaning that the public believes in the product and it has every single chance of becoming successful.

With this in mind, do not be surprised if Yanu serves your next Martini.

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