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Keep tabs on your holiday weight gain with this $23 smart scale

Concerned about all the weight gains you’ll eventually pack on for the upcoming holiday season? Stay ahead of the curves with this $23 smart scale.

smart scale
Image: Amazon

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means some extra pounds that go along with it. Stay ahead of the curves with this Bluetooth-enabled smart bathroom scale which is just $23 today on Amazon.

Here’s some of the key features:

  • Measuring Function – Use BIA technology to track your health information about Body weight, Body fat, water, Muscle mass, BMI, BMR, Bone mass visceral fat and Baby Weighing Mode
  • Step-on technology – No more tapping or turning on a switch to use the scale. Just step on the scale and then you get an instant readout.
  • Compact Design – 3.3 inch highlight LED Display, Use high quality impact-resistant tempered glass which is 4 times stronger than common glass.
  • 4 High precision sensors – Equipped with 4 high precision sensors, can weigh from 11 pounds up to 400 pounds in 0.2 lbs increments.
  • Compatibility – Only supports IOS 8.0 / Android 4.3 or higher version. Auto recognition of up to 10 users’ profiles.

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