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You can now book an Uber on an hourly basis, but it’s going to cost you $50 per hour

Not a bad move honestly.

Uber ridesharing service
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Normally when you book an Uber, the ride-hailing platform allows for a trip from one destination to the next. Now, Uber is rolling out a feature called “hourly booking” that lets you book a driver on an hourly basis. The feature costs $50 per hour, up to seven hours at a time.

This is a great addition because a lot of folks who use the service don’t own a car and when they have to run errands all over the place, chalking up fees for individual rides can get pretty pricey. This new addition to the platform changes all of that.

Here’s how the new booking feature works on Uber

Users book their trip like they normally would and enter their first destination. From there, an “hourly” option is displayed, thus giving you the ability to add multiple stops. The app will display all the different pricing options compared to hourly.

But there are some caveats to this new option. For instance, if your trip runs shorter than an hour, you’ll still be charged for the whole hour. Also, there’s an hourly mileage limit. In some cases, it’s 40 miles, and anything over that charges the rider at a per-minute rate. More details can be found here.

After a trial run in Australia, Europe, and a handful of other countries, Uber is taking this feature and trying it out here in North America. However, it’s a limited roll-out where only 12 cities will see this new option starting June 2. Those cities include Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tacoma, and Seattle. Uber plans to roll this out the rest of the country in the coming weeks.

Do you plan on using this new Hourly feature? Is $50 too expensive? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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