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Your 2019 guide to hiring Golang developers in Ukraine

Hiring Golang developers for your remote requires a technical interview as well as understanding their communication and collaboration skills.

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Golang is called the server-side language of the future and many companies choose it as the primary development language for multiple purposes. Go is used by Giant companies like Adobe, IBM, Intel, and the BBC. According to the recent survey conducted by Stack Overflow, it’s 13th language by popularity among professional developers.

If you are looking for Go developers, your focus is probably high-load backend, DevOps or blockchain. To implement any of these complex projects, you need to engage in skilled engineering talent. When there is no one with the right skills in your region or the cost of the onsite team is too high, it’s probably the time to tap into more cost-effective talent pools, like Eastern Europe.

In Ukraine, Golang has cracked the top 10 of most popular languages, which makes this country a vast repository of skilled Golang talent. It means that you can hire Golang developers for your remote team in a matter of weeks.

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If you’ve made a strategic decision to engage a remote team of Golang developers, here are the skills to which you should pay attention while interviewing your remote hires.

1. Hard skills – how to review tech qualifications

The first stage is to estimate a developer’s hard skills, which include the qualifications required for efficient work. They are gained as a part of formal education or by taking courses and doing something first-hand. Below are some points to help you identify the right Golang developer.

Stating the advantages of Golang

Every Go developer should know the benefits of this language both from the perspective of programming and business. A skilled Go developer would name these benefits:

  • Fast compilers
  • Functions are first-class objects
  • Concurrency at the language level
  • Built-in strings and maps
  • Garbage collection
  • GoDoc in English
  • Static code analysis
  • Built-in testing framework

Experience with other languages

For many employers, this one is essential, especially when hiring intermediate/middle developers. Golang is a young language and many developers switch to it after having worked with other languages. That’s why tech companies often include hands-on experience with C, C#, C++, Java, and at least one finished project using one of these languages.

Syntax structure

Go’s syntax is specified using Extended Backus-Naur Form. To check syntax comprehension, you can ask to name the structures of syntax in Go, which are as follows:

  • Production = production name “=” [Expression]
  • Expression = Alternative {“1” Alternative}
  • Alternative = Term {Term}
  • Term = Production name token [“….” token]1 Group 1 Option 1 Repetition
  • Group = “(“Expression”)”
  • Option = “[“Expression”]”
  • Repetition = “{“Expression”}”

Testing in Golang

Testing an important part of the development process. Go has a special testing framework designed to facilitate the writing of tests. It is comprised of the Go test command and the testing package. To write a test, a developer needs to create a file with _testing ending. Go has TestXXX function with the signature func(t*testing.T).

Packages and workspaces in Go

Packages are what Go programs are made of. The program starts running in the main package and it uses packages with import paths “fmt” and “math/rand”. A workspace is a directory hierarchy with three directories. The code is stored within a workspace Go.

Real-life cases

Ukraine is a powerhouse of IT talent and many European and North American companies choose this destination to set up their virtual teams. Chances are high that a candidate has already collaborated as part of a development team of a startup or enterprise. Ask a candidate for their portfolio of implemented projects and choose ones with experience in your business vertical.

2. Soft skills – how to assess if a candidate fits your work setting

Soft skills are extremely important when working in a distributed environment. Lack of communication even from one team member creates a huge bottleneck for the project. Because the software industry emphasizes hard skills, technically-inclined job seekers tend to underestimate the importance of soft skills. It’s the job of the employer to estimate if a candidate has what it takes to stay productive and drive value working independently. Here are the essential soft skills every software developer should possess to fit your virtual team.

Work Ethic

Work ethic is all about remaining motivated despite the difficulties. The best candidates will be able to provide detailed, real-life examples. These questions will help you with evaluating work ethics.

  • How do you define work ethic?
  • Can you describe a situation when you had to walk the extra mile at work?
  • Describe a situation in which you had to work hard to meet the deadline. How did you manage to stay motivated?
  • What do you usually do when things are slow at work and you’ve finished all your tasks?


Although remote developers work independently, collaborating as part of the team is crucial to creating a software product. The ability to interact with coworkers and get the message across clearly is critical to getting the work done. During the interview, you want to hear that the developer appreciates teamwork and mentions working on the team in most of the answers. These questions will help assess a candidate’s willingness to work in a team environment.

  • What online collaboration tools do you use to keep in touch with the team?
  • Can you name an example of a successful project that you participated in? What was your role? What was key to its success?
  • Do you have experience in training or mentoring other team members?
  • Did your teamwork with another team to accomplish a goal? Was that experience successful?

Time management

Time management is what every software developer working remotely should master. Managing the time correctly allows to focus on what’s most important and get tasks done more efficiently. Some questions related to time management skills:

  • Do you use any time management tools? If so, which ones?
  • If you are faced with a laborious task, what are your steps to meet the deadline?
  • How do you handle interruptions and distractions at work?
  • How do you maintain work life balance?

To sum up

Hiring Golang developers for your remote requires a technical interview as well as understanding their communication and collaboration skills. Ideally, the hiring process will involve a 2-step interview – the first with a technology expert and the second with an HR manager. Usually, the vendors have their internal interview process in place, however, it’s important to interview all candidates first hand.

In Ukraine, there are plenty of software developers companies. It’s not simple to choose one capable of setting up a strong remote team. NCube is an outsourcing company that has been working with Golang teams for more than 11 years. The company always creates a unique team extension strategy tailored to each client.

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