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The YouTube app is now available for your Nintendo Switch

Nice, now to get Netflix on the platform.

nintendo switch youtube app
Image: Chris Welch / Twitter

As we reported earlier in the week, it seemed Nintendo was working with YouTube to provide an official app on the Nintendo Switch. At the time, Nintendo told us that they had no comment, but it looks like the reports were correct, as it is now available to download.

The Nintendo Switch YouTube app joins the Hulu app as some of the only non-gaming options on the console. While everyone is definitely happy to see YouTube on the platform, it does make you wonder what this could mean for the future. Netflix, anyone?

How to get YouTube on Nintendo Switch

If you’re interested in getting YouTube on your Switch, the process is super easy. If you’re not near your Switch, you can sign into your Nintendo account on the website and download the app from here.

youtube nintendo switch

Image: Nintendo

If you have the Nintendo Switch at hand, however, you can go to the eShop and search for the app and download it that way.

What can you do with the app on Switch?

I mean, it’s YouTube, so basically full functionality. You can sign in, watch your playlists, use the touchscreen for (some) aspects of the app and YouTube even notes that 360-degree videos work with the app.

It’s YouTube, on Nintendo Switch, you know what’s up.

Will you be downloading the app for your Switch? What non-gaming apps would you like to see next? Let us know down below or on Twitter!

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