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Zap Zap Math launches a new mobile-first app aimed at kindergartners

Zap Zap Kindergarten Math will allow kids to solve math problems through a series of fun math puzzles mirroring the US Common Core

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As if the Zap Zap Math gaming app was not already popular, there is a new upgrade to it for better user experience and deeper student engagement. In this review, we will explore the new additions to this app that has been revolutionizing the way grade K students have been studying mathematics.

1. Improved User Interface

Zap Zap Math has a new and better interface with revamped color scheme and design. The new graphics help provide deeper connection for the students, while also making the math games more engaging.

The Web Dashboard feature has also received an upgrade. It is more user-friendly and allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress at the individual level.


Check detailed reports from the Web Dashboard to identify the specific subtopic where your child needs help.

2. New Zap Zap Kindergarten Math app

The new Zap Zap Kindergarten Math app is set to be launched in July 2017. Your child will be able to solve different math problems using fun math puzzles (based on the US Common Core). Another aspect of the new launch is that a new mobile-first app will also be available exclusively for Kindergarten students.

This is an adaptive learning feature that progresses based on the specific needs of the student. Every time your child interacts with a math problem, the app’s algorithm determines his/her performance. And the reports thus generated will help you keep track of the child’s progress.

3. Mobile-First App

Hundreds of games are now available to your student/child with just a tap. The mobile-first experience provides them access to math games anywhere, anytime.

Children are already spending more of their time playing games on smartphones and tablets. With the new Zap Zap Kindergarten Math app you can give them a great reason to make mathematics a part of the fun quotient. Don’t be surprised if your kid starts looking at math as something of a fun indulgence.

4. Simplified Chinese language now available for iOS devices

Another new change to the app comes in the form of simplified Chinese upgrade for the iOS platform. Those using the Zap Zap Math app on iPhones or iPads will find it easier to use the app in Chinese.

Why Zap Zap Math is a Must-have?

Zap Zap Math goes beyond simplifying mathematics for Grade K students. It makes learning math fun and interesting.

It creates a math ecosystem that makes use of hundreds of games that help develop critical thinking in students without them ever realizing that they are dealing with ages-old, cumbersome mathematical concepts. They find it all to be fun.

The app covers more than 150 topics in mathematics. The curriculum is comprehensive and covers everything in the State Standards. The combination of the games-based, fun-filled ecosystem helps in developing higher-order thinking skills. With this app, math is no longer a burden for students. It is a thrilling experience where they continue to pursue newer goals (in the form of newer math topics).

With Zap Zap Math, learning mathematics is no longer a headache, but a fun experience.

Another reason Zap Zap Math stands out is in the analytics department. Parents, teachers and even students can keep track of their progress. This is made possible through the app’s Performance Analytics and Virtual Report Cards.

There is also the feature that allows students, teachers and parents to interact with each other. So parents and teachers can also connect with each other, share reports, and discuss the next steps to help improve the student’s progress and skills.


Mathematics can never be simplified by sticking to the age-old methods. The developers of Zap Zap Math claim to have discovered the secret to help children fall in love with mathematics. The app truly delivers on this aspect. It blends curriculum instructions and gaming fun to create a Gamified Learning Ecosystem. The system has been designed and developed by teachers, gamers and parents, ensuring that it addresses all the learning requirements of Grade K students.

With the latest launch meant for July 2017, Zap Zap Kindergarten Math will take math learning for grade K students to the next level. It provides a true mobile-first learning experience combined with more fun user experience. There is new color scheme and design for all platforms, and simplified language for specific platforms. So the next time you ask your child to study mathematics, you will be asking them to play the math game. They will not have any reason not to do so. And they will be able to enjoy the math game on their own Android or iOS device. Make math fun and watch your kid/student progress from one topic to another.


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