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Why you need a wireless security camera with zoom ability

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Security camera plays a crucial role in ensuring the security of business, property, and households. It is not only effective in securing the property at odd-hours but also helps to keep an eye on the employees and your loved ones while you are away. The security camera warehouse provides the most dependable and practical surveillance system and components so that you can sleep peacefully without the worries. 

The ability of the camera to zoom in on the object and get a detailed wide-angle view makes them a perfect source for recording. Each zoom ability camera operated with either optical zoom or digital zoom and sometimes both of them combined. This article provides details about the optical zoom and digital zoom to help you choose the best option.

Optical zoom camera

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A wired or wireless security camera with optical zoom in and out on an object by physically adjusting the lens. The zoom-in allows you to have a more detailed and closer look at the suspicious area. Wide-angle gives a wider view of the property, this helps to cover the area that you would usually miss in the normal view without compromising on the quality. Even when the focal lens changes the camera remains focused on an object and provides a good image. 

A security camera can magnify from 3X, 5X, 10X and up to 20X magnitude optical zoom. If you want the crystal-clear footage for your purpose that provides a clear image even when the image is zoomed go for the highest optical quality zoom camera. The optical zoom camera can be of the following 3 quality: 

  1. Manual varifocal optical zoom security camera: This camera gives you the liberty to adjust the zooming angle and viewing angle of the camera manually before you start recording the footage. As most of the camera comes with the waterproofing cabinets protection you can adjust the varifocal lens by turning the knob inside the camera. If you have mounted the security camera at higher levels it can be challenging to change the lens.
  2. An IP security camera with motorized optical zoom: As the name suggests the camera is motorized and can be zoomed upon from anywhere with the help of the remote. This feature provides the service of zooming in and out even while you are observing the footage on your smartphone or client software. The central surveillance guards use this to get a clear and detailed look at the surroundings. 
  3. A security camera with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom): This camera is one of the best cameras to choose for the monitoring. Using this camera, you can zoom in and out in an object while tilting it in all the different directions, according to your convenience. You will be able to get a detailed, full and wider viewing angle of your premises. Some optical camera offers up to 360-degree pan, 90-degree tilt and high optical zooming facility. Everything can be controlled by the security camera software provided by your service provider on your smartphone or laptops.

Digital zooming camera

Digital zoom narrow down the margin of the images and crops the area outside the margins. This works Just as you zoom an image on your tablet. However, since it zooms out on the objects it also blurred the pixels and video on the zooming. The optical camera is more suitable than a digital camera. However, the angle of view is never decreased in this camera and you can zoom in even after recoding the surveillance video which is not possible in optical camera as it decreases the viewing angle. 

Think about your requirements carefully keeping the above discussion in mind and then come up with your choice of camera that fully embraces your requirements.

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