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robotic dog called digidogrobotic dog called digidog

Police in New York used a robotic dog to investigate a potential hostage situation

While the deployment of DigiDog got praised as good practice by the NY police...

bill gates iphone and androidbill gates iphone and android

Here’s why Bill Gates prefers Android over iPhone

He does note that he owns both, however.

ios 14 smart stack how-toios 14 smart stack how-to

According to analysts, the iPhone 13 isn’t going to completely lose the notch

It could be gone by the time the iPhone 14 comes out, however.

apple iphone 12 miniapple iphone 12 mini

Despite low sales numbers, the iPhone 12 mini is staying for now

Maybe Apple just had a bunch of parts left over?


#GameTechieMore #GameTechie


E3 2021 has been officially canceled, according to an LA City document

The live event has been cancelled, but the ESA is still working on a...

xbox series s and series s on white backgroundxbox series s and series s on white background

How to update the Xbox Series X and Series S

Here you'll find everything you need to know about keeping your new consoles up-to-date.

xbox series x with a green glowxbox series x with a green glow

Can you use an external hard drive with the Xbox Series X|S?

Games are getting THICC. You'll need somewhere to store all those juicy files.

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dser mini projectordser mini projector

This mini projector normally costs $150. Right now it’s down to an unbelievable $70

As someone who's owned this for about a year or so, this thing is...

assassins creed valhallaassassins creed valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is discounted down to just $35 right now

It's a whole lot better than paying the usual $60 for it.

web design developer bundleweb design developer bundle

Dive into the world of web development with this $30-course bundle

Find out what it takes to make a website with this Backend Developer Bootcamp...

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