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iRobot wants to teach your kids to code with the $199 Root Coding Robot

Oh neat, a Roomba that draws on the floors instead of cleaning them.

netflix on television screen with remote netflix on television screen with remote

Here’s everything coming to Netflix in July 2019

There's some decent stuff coming this month.

facebook bad companies facebook bad companies

Facebook content moderators are exposing the company’s “sweatshop”-like conditions

Harassment, trauma, and depression are all in day's work at the world's largest social...


#GameTechieMore #GameTechie

nintendo switch joycons nintendo switch joycons

How to manually update your Nintendo Switch

Stop putting it off and update already.

dr. mario world on mobile dr. mario world on mobile

Dr. Mario World will arrive on iOS and Android in July

So, you're telling me he's a plumber *and* a doctor. And that I should...

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