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Guy decides to explode his Tesla Model S instead of paying a $22.6K repair bill

Finnish him!

Ever wanted to make a problem go away by blowing it up? Well, that’s what one Finnish Tesla owner decided to do when he received a $22,600 repair bill.

Instead of paying Tesla for the required repair services, he teamed up with a YouTuber that specializes in explosive content, to send the sky-high repair bill, umm, sky-high.

The Finnish owner, Tuomas Katainen, loved his Tesla Model S for the first 932 miles (1,500 kilometers) after he bought it. That’s when the trouble started, according to him, with error codes constantly appearing.

Tuomas Katainen blows up tesla
Image: YouTube

As any dutiful car owner would, he took it into the local Tesla dealer’s authorized repair shop to analyze the issue. A month went by, with the repair shop saying that it wasn’t going to be a cheap fix. The only way to get rid of the error messages? A complete battery replacement, priced at 20,000€ ($22,600) or more.

Katainen’s response? He told the mechanic that he was coming to pick up his car, so he could “explode the whole car away.” Seems reasonable, right?

An out-of-warranty Tesla battery replacement is roughly that price, half of the price of a whole, same-year Model S in Finland. So, why not just strap dynamite to the defective car and make a big bang? Here’s the video below:

Check out the fiery demise of the Tesla in the video above, from Finnish YouTubers Pommijätkät. That roughly translates to bombers, which is pretty accurate since the bulk of their content features an abundance of pyrotechnics.

The final resting place of Katainen’s Tesla Model S? A small town in Southern Finland, Jaala, and an even smaller quarry.

There’s one less Finnish Tesla owner in the world. Pour one out for him and his troubles. We’re assuming he bought something that wasn’t a Tesla to replace his car.

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