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BlufVPN Review

As for the price, it is hard to find a VPN provider that offers better value for money.

In the 21st century, a VPN is no longer a luxury or a tool used only by hackers and IT specialists. It is a necessity that cannot be ignored if one wants to surf safely online. For almost a decade now, the enthusiasm of internet users has led to a real boom in the field.

More and more companies are developing effective and worthwhile tools. However, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to impress, and all means are now being employed to stand out from the competition. When analyzing the services offered by this provider, it is difficult to remain indifferent to the features offered. This provider is BlufVPN.

An Impressive Entry

Many companies immediately design their product (their VPN) and limit themselves to developing their activities in this field. The situation is different with this provider. The company launched its activities in August 2013 under the name SimpleX. It offered all forms of IT security services. The first BlufVPN appeared in 2014 when the company took on the name it bears to this day: BlufVPN Ltd. Since then, it has designed a wide range of IT tools (VPN Lite, Private Browser, Fammle, BlufVPN Ltd Smart DNS, etc.) that can be obtained at the same time as the VPN to improve connection protection.

Speaking specifically about the VPN, it is developed to offer customers services of impeccable quality at low costs. Price is not the only aspect that sets this provider apart from its competitors. Some products on offer are truly revolutionary.  What do you gain by trusting BlufVPN?

What About its Server Network?

BlufVPN offers only a little over 400 servers in nearly 70 locations. Criticisms regarding the number of servers aren’t justified because the number of providers offering more servers than BlufVPN is relatively limited. BlufVPN has even put in place measures that contribute to rounding the edges.

The first one is “server specialization”. It doesn’t matter if the provider offers 20,000 servers. If the internet user cannot find one that suits his needs, he will not appreciate the services provided. BlufVPN has therefore taken care to classify them so that all users can easily find them when searching. So we have specially designed servers:

  • For Chinese users; there are five of them, and they will help all residents of China to get through all the geographical restrictions imposed by their country.
  • For P2P sharing enthusiasts; there are as many as five. You can’t lose sight of them. The wording “Torrent” in capital letters immediately sets them apart from the rest.
  • For streaming enthusiasts; using BlufVPN gives users the possibility to access a plethora of streams. Among them, restricted sites such as Netflix. One can’t imagine that a user would deliberately want to search for the right server when he is in a hurry to see his movie.

The number of servers reserved for streaming is slightly higher than those reserved for torrenting or Chinese users. Still talking about servers, most internet users opt for providers that offer the maximum number of servers. They are right, as it is widely known that the number of servers is closely related to the speed of the tool. However, there are exceptions to the rule and BlufVPN is clearly one of them.

What About Speed?

If one were to describe the speed of BlufVPN servers, one would use the adjective of “decent”. It’s not the fastest VPN in existence. But the speed is high enough, even on torrent servers (in Canada, United States, Romania, France, and Luxembourg), to allow users to download their documents normally.

However, the rest of the servers have very pleasant speeds. Your usual speed  on servers based in the US and the UK is very high. To save you from wasting time looking for the fastest servers, BlufVPN has installed a call sign. Look at the bar, and you will immediately know which one is right for you. Surf without the slightest slowdown and without lags.

Confidentiality and Protection of Logging Information: Can We Trust Them?

Let’s face it, an internet user looking for a VPN that guarantees confidentiality will not choose a US-based VPN. Theoretically, BlufVPN does not store your login data. Many internet users are interested in the logging of their data. To attract them, the majority of VPN providers mention that they do not keep data on their customers. BlufVPN does not at all, even if it is less aggressive in this matter than these competitors.

If you opt for BlufVPN, put a cross on the expression “no logs”. In the confidentiality section, the provider specifies that certain information is recorded and may be provided to the US authorities. These include the IP address, the name of the device, its code, possibly its operating system, the name of the manufacturer, the language, the name of the Wi-Fi connection, the dates of the sessions and of course, the duration of each session. With all this data, needless to say, that the authorities will have no trouble finding the internet user himself.

Those who use the VPN to maintain their anonymity will not appreciate knowing that so much information is not only recorded by the provider but can also be transferred to the government. It goes without saying that this is not pleasant, but even here, BlufVPN turns this disadvantage into an advantage. Many providers based in the US also offer access to this data to third parties other than the authorities. This, in the long run, can become a real problem for users. This provider manages its customer data itself and guarantees that this information will only be passed on to the authorities if they request it. The personal information of each user, if the latter does not engage in fraudulent activities, is therefore relatively protected.

VPN Account Configuration

If you’ve already set up an account online, you’ll have no trouble doing the same. The principle is simple. Choose your subscription, pay for it, then create the account, download the application and install it. So far, nothing complex. But the problems begin, at least for novices, when you need to configure the Open VPN interface. Unlike other VPN providers, BlufVPN does not provide users with a single archive with all the files. The user will have to generate them himself, one by one on the site.

The user will have to perform the same task on each device on which he wants to install the VPN. Once the documents are installed, the user will want to rename them because the naming system of BlufVPN is complex. It is likely that the user will end up with a name such as 3247FF6D3B8A4C4A1015B20312CEEB65_bg_openvpn.ovpn.

However, it would be premature to criticize this supplier’s approach. Although it forces the user to generate the files from the site, it facilitates the task by sparing the user the need to register manually. By generating the files manually from the supplier’s site, all the client’s information is already included.


Once the window is opened, the application will automatically propose several servers near its own geographical position. It is possible to ignore these proposals and go to the conventional list. The servers are listed in alphabetical order, but the user is not left on his own. A callsign shows the user the best server to select to work comfortably. For more convenience, specialized servers (torrenting, streaming, etc.) are also highlighted. In the long run, the customer can build up his own list of favorite servers, and this will be permanently highlighted each time he connects. BlufVPN customers will appreciate the ability to switch easily from one server to another without having to log out.


The Android application is similar to the Windows application, but unlike the latter, the images are dynamic. The user can zoom in and even customize it by adding markers. This is the best way to navigate the mobile application. Just as with Windows, the client will be offered a list of appropriate servers, and again, special servers will be highlighted. The automatic kill switch is not available, but it’s incredibly easy to configure manually. Even a beginner can do it


It is not uncommon for VPNs to have mobile applications that are very painful to use, especially on iOS because the majority of users have android devices. BlufVPN stands out from its competitors. Its iOS application is just as fluid as the android and windows versions.

What is the Cost of the Subscriptions?

BlufVPN offers a wide range of rates. Each user will find the one that suits him or her. There are four. The most expensive, as everywhere else, is the monthly subscription: $9.99 on five devices and $14.99 on 10 devices. Next comes the annual subscription: $5.00/month or $59.99 per year for five devices and $7.50/month or $89.99 per year for 10 devices.

For more savings, you can opt for a three-year subscription: $2.22/month or $79.99 for three years on five devices and $4.17/month or $149.99 for three years on 10 phones. The most interesting option is the lifetime subscription. Why pay all the time when you can sacrifice yourself once and forget about payments forever? The lifetime subscription costs $199.99 for five devices and $299.99 for 10.

And What About the Customer Service?

Anyone who wishes to criticize this VPN provider must look at its customer service. No, the assistants are not unpleasant with customers. Even better, answers to all questions come fairly quickly. They are also detailed enough for the user to find the information he needs.

The FAQ section is also sufficiently detailed, which limits the need to go directly to online support. Why criticize customer support if everything seems perfect? Precisely because of that. Theoretically, the user has three contact options; email, chat and contact form. But the best option, chat, is only available for a few hours during the day. This is quite disappointing when you know the level of stress a customer in need of help can face.

It is mentioned that the answer will be given after a maximum of one hour. In reality, the client will very often have to wait a little longer, and that is a shame.

Should You Trust BlufVPN or Not?

Every VPN has advantages and disadvantages, and BlufVPN is no exception. However, the choice implies a notion of balance between the two aspects. We have a very efficient tool whose interface is intuitive and easy to use. Unlike many of its competitors, BlufVPN offers the possibility of connecting to five devices at the same time. It is also possible to swap from server to server without having to disconnect each time.

With BlufVPN, no more blocking; you won’t feel frustrated about not having access to Netflix, Hulu and many other streaming sites. Unlike some of its competitors, this provider does not prohibit P2P sharing. Unfortunately, torrent download options are so low that some customers will rightly conclude that they could have done without these servers. It is nice that BlufVPN offers its customers the possibility to increase the number of devices from which they can be connected.

Although the configuration can be tedious, it ultimately provides the user with a tool that meets all his expectations. Experienced users are sure to appreciate it. Novices will discover the tool’s functionalities gradually, before adapting it to their needs. In the “manuals” section, they will be provided with all the useful information they need.

As for the price, it is hard to find a VPN provider that offers better value for money. The answer to the question at the top of the paragraph will, therefore, be positive. BlufVPN definitely deserves to be tested.

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