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iProVPN: Read this review before buying

iProVPN is a promising VPN service considering its overall primary and advanced features, strong encryption, adherence to user privacy promises

Image: iProVPN

People use VPNs for a bunch of reasons, but their popularity grew during the global pandemic as more and more employees turned to freelance and remote working arrangements.

Though most of us prefer activating our VPN while torrenting, gaming, or binging Netflix, let’s not forget that it is primarily made to secure the online activities bypassing the traffic through a private tunnel. One such service is the newly launched iProVPN. Discover its basic and advanced features, pricing and check our take on investing in iProVPN. 

iProVPN – At A Glance

iProVPN, a paid VPN service, offers military-grade encryption, internet kill switch, multiple-logins, dedicated apps and extensions, major VPN protocols and access to Netflix USA with other popular digital streaming services. It guarantees DNS Leak protection, provides malware protection and a free ad-blocker tool. It has monthly, yearly and biennially payment plans but you can test the service with a 30 days free trial before financially committing to the service. 

But this isn’t all. iProVPN has stood up as a strong competitor to popular VPN services. Read the review below and decide if it is really worth your time, attention and money. 

Does iProVPN Have Standard VPN Qualities? 

Here are 9 primary factors we initially examined iProVPN for. These are basic VPN features and you can only consider a VPN service reliable when these features are up and running. 


A cybersecurity and privacy tool like VPN should be based in a safe jurisdiction where legislation does not require service providers to submit user data.

iProVPN is based in The British Virgin Island. The service provider is not required to share any user data with local surveillance or international government agencies. This very feature makes iProVPN one of the best choices for freelancers, remote workers, online teachers and students. 

Encryption Standard

Encryption is the foundation of a VPN service. This feature enables the tool to hide the IP address and scramble data passing through the secure tunnel so that no internet service providers, third-party agencies, or anybody else on the network can monitor the data exchanged between a device and network.

iProVPN offers the highest industry-standard encryption. It deploys 256-bit AES technology and blocks unauthorized access and intervention from third-party.  


VPNs are mostly used for torrenting, online gaming and streaming geo-restricted content. This means they should offer steady speed on UDP protocols. But not all VPNs can provide maximum speed because of data centers and the location of their servers. Plus, a VPN passes internet traffic through a secure tunnel, which adds another step into the workflow ultimately slowing down browsing speed at times. 

As for iProVPN, it has no data caps. Users can enjoy streaming and gaming on unlimited bandwidth without worrying about speed because this VPN provider has 150 – 250 servers spread throughout the world. Plus, users can choose to switch between major VPN protocols depending upon the activity they are doing. The settings tab in iProVPN shows UDP and TCP as well, and users can change from one to the other in a tap. 

Compatibility with Major Platforms and Devices

Users should be able to establish a VPN on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, etc. iProVPN exceeds the expectation as it has dedicated apps for all major platforms. Additionally, users can choose to configure their VPN credentials on Wi-Fi routers to provide network-level security to all connected hardware. This VPN provider has extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and a long list of apps for different devices including Big screens and game consoles. 


The more, the better! iProVPN has 150 – 250 servers in 20+ countries of the world. Users can switch between different countries and sub-locations. This huge number also suggests that there are multiple servers for hosting a wider audience when connections are established to and from popular locations. 

No. of Devices

Most users own and carry multiple devices. This means that a VPN should allow multiple connections to accommodate users who wish to encrypt online traffic exchanged through computing, mobile and TV devices. iProVPN’s single account credentials can be used on up to 10 devices, which is way more than the industry average of 5 devices per account.

The convenience to establish 10 simultaneous connections is one of the fundamental factors that differentiate iProVPN from other VPN services. Any user who wishes to add more devices after the 10th one has to make a payment of $4. 

Data Handling

To ensure safe data handling and privacy, a VPN service should guarantee zero-logging. Such statements are usually mentioned in the privacy policy statements of service providers but some VPN services play around this factor and do sell user data to third-parties for revenue regeneration.

iProVPN’s privacy policy and terms of service clearly state that the company does not store users’ personal information and their online activities. The website also clarifies that it keeps user IDs for providing seamless services and communicating discount offers only. The company does not log users’ online behavior and makes a concrete statement on not handing over any data to government agencies unless the query passes the British Virgin courts. The data centers are based in a safe jurisdiction, therefore, such queries are not commonly entertained. 

Technical Assistance

Online privacy tools are like any other apps for tech enthusiasts. But non-techies may sometimes find it difficult to launch and use new tools. Trusted VPN services must have a 24*7 technical assistance team to respond to user queries.

The website of iProVPN has a dedicated support panel and users can choose to contact customer service via email or live chat support option. They have not utilized bots to answer user queries and unlike popular services, users will find active human employees resolving connectivity issues and related requests. 


Binge-watchers, torrenteers, and gamers constitute the major percentage of VPN users. Not only for speed, but this audience prefers active VPNs for their ability to bypass local censorship on global content. iProVPN allows users to view, stream, download, and research data libraries from distinct parts of the world and access streaming content that is otherwise only available in limited regions. It unlocks Netflix USA, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.  

Advanced Features of iProVPN

While the factors mentioned in the first section are enough to evaluate the functionality and credibility of the service, here are some other features that may strengthen the case for a VPN. iProVPN offers these advanced features in its free trial as well as a paid subscription. 

  • Internet Kill Switch: This feature guarantees data protection even if the VPN connection is lost. The tool disconnects a device from the internet until the internet connection is restored, leaving no chances of IP leak or exposure.
  • P2P compatibility: Its apps are compatible for P2P file sharing and users can share large files without worrying about data caps and privacy.  
  • Smart Connect: iProVPN has a smart connection option that performs independent scanning and connects a VPN user to the best and fastest server based on speed protocols and distance. A user, however, can choose to connect from his preferred server too. 
  • Ad-blocker: Users get a free ad-blocking tool that blocks third-party advertisements. 

Payment Plans 

iProVPN offers a free 30-days trial, after which the monthly plan costs $10 per month. Other packages include:

  • 1 year plan which is billed $34.95 annually. The monthly cost of iProVPN with this plan is only $2.9. 
  • 2 year plan which is billed $49.95 biennially. The monthly cost of iProVPN with this plan is less than $2.1. 

Final Verdict 

iProVPN is a promising VPN service considering its overall primary and advanced features, strong encryption, adherence to user privacy promises, location in the British Virgin Islands, worldwide servers, and reasonable subscription plans. The company is yet to add more servers and launch applications for other platforms. For people looking for a low-cost strong privacy tool, buying iProVPN is seemingly a wise decision.

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