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9 smart home gadgets you need to keep your home safe

In this article, we’ve narrowed down your search to these top smart home gadgets.

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Back in the day, it was extremely hard to access automated home security solutions. That is unless you were a stocks trader on Wall Street or a big business person. However, times have changed and there are now many ways to increase home security. Now, you can simply rush off to your nearest home security outlet and explore your options.

The great thing is that these devices are affordable and budget-friendly. That said, considering the many options at your disposal, it can be hard to find the best smart home gadgets for your home security.

In this article, we’ve narrowed down your search to these top smart home gadgets:

Smart Spy Cameras

There’s no talking about home security systems without mentioning spy cameras that connect to your phone.

Using a mobile app that you can easily download from the apps store, you can see exactly what is going on in and around our house remotely. Moreover, these cameras often have motion detection capabilities and will send an alert directly to your phone if a sensor is triggered.

Smart Security Cameras That Work Without Wi-Fi

Some cameras will let you see what’s going on in and around your home without the need for Wi-Fi connectivity. These security cameras that don’t need Wi-Fi use either cellular technology or PoE technology.

One of the main benefits of this is that you can still monitor your home even in a remote location without internet connectivity.

Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Don’t expect a burglar to always get in through the windows. They can also get in through the front door.

However, with a Wi-Fi video doorbell, you can see exactly who’s at your front door. If its someone you don’t know, then you can approach with caution. Alternatively, you can also inform the authorities.

Smarty Light Fixtures

Smart light fixtures are just that—smart. At first, they may appear just like any other uninteresting lighting outside your home. However, these will often hide a camera, allowing you to see an intruder right before they make their move.

You can then inform the authorities and the burglar will be surrounded in minutes.

Smart Fire and Smoke Detector

Home security is not just about protecting your home from burglars. It’s also about ensuring that your home is safe from fires. This is also one of the reasons to invest in a home security system with smartphone access.

Smart fire and smoke detectors have an app that you can sync to your phone. They’re also super simple to install. As soon as they detect smoke or heat, they send an alert to your mobile phone.

What’s more, in case the device goes off accidentally, you can quickly reach for your phone and turn it on.

Smart Router

Smart routers come with some amazing security features. For one, you can get an alert whenever someone is using your Wi-Fi. Some will even have features to prevent other devices from accessing your home network.

Other routers also come with extra features, like motion cameras and door sensors.

Home Speaker Camera

The best smart home gadget for your home security is one that can be hidden in plain sight. And what better way than to get a speaker that also has an inbuilt camera and microphone? A burglar will never know what caught them.

The great thing is that some of these speakers are simple to mount and can be operated remotely by downloading a mobile app from the app store.

Smart Home Baby Bundle

Home baby bundles are nothing new. However, with smart baby bundles, you and your baby can enjoy some pretty cool features.

For one, it offers the 24-hour surveillance you get with a normal baby bundle. However, it also takes things a bit further. Motion detection and sound detection will send an alert to your phone whenever your young one is awake. You can also press a button and communicate with your baby remotely.

Hue Lighting

We already looked at some cool smart home lighting solutions. But, the hue lighting is worth mentioning. It offers some great features, such as lighting up the living room when the sun goes down or even turning on the lighting outdoors as soon as you’re on the driveway.

This way, you don’t have to worry about someone sneaking up behind you as you reach the driveway.


Technology allows you to shift from dumb security systems to smart systems. You can monitor your home remotely and inform the authorities at a moment’s notice in case of an incident.

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