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A guide on how to create a coffee shop mobile app

In a less physical, more digital world, people are still craving the same connections they used to enjoy.

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As with all things, convenience has been a key consideration for coffee drinkers and pastry lovers. Aside from cooking up unique blends or thinking of new desserts for customers, coffee shop owners and establishments should also prioritize building an efficient app where every coffee lover can access their offerings and where they enhance the overall coffee experience.

Big coffee chains like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee, and Dazbog Coffee are only some of the brands that use reliable apps for consumers and they can all attest to the sales growth app usage has been bringing. Other coffee shops partner with e-commerce platforms to offer their products to more users and even offer special discounts such as Lollicup coupons.

Aside from sales, building an app for your coffee shop also fosters a sense of community among your patrons. Below are the features you should consider and include when creating a coffee shop mobile app to get the best results:

  • Advance Order Feature. When ordering coffee, most drinkers already have their go-to drink and chosen time to have it. It would help eliminate the time spent for long lines if your app includes a pre-order option where customers can just book and pay and pick-up their order/s on their way to work or any other location. Aside from making your customer feel like a VIP, this feature will also increase staff productivity, since pre-order transactions are easier and faster to conduct.
  • In-App Payment Option. As we transition to a paperless society, more and more users prefer paying through their mobile apps. Buying coffee is one of the first stops of most people every day and it helps to have an app where they can easily pay for their coffee fix instead of rummaging through a messy bag or wallet for cash. Also, including an app payment for your shop also boosts loyalty and exclusivity among your customers since it shows that you are always improving their experience even in seemingly small things.
  • Location Finder. Accessibility is very important to customers. Having an app that allows them to check which coffee shop is nearest to them increases the chances of dropping by and frequenting the shop that is most accessible and convenient. It also allows patrons to always visit your store locations all over the world by checking out if you have branches wherever they may be.
  • Loyalty Program. A great coffee shop app should never be without a rewards program. One key feature that customers look for is a place where they get exclusive deals, discounts, and experiences as loyal patrons. Through an app, these rewards can even get more exclusive since they are offered only to app users!

    This helps promote app usage while also strengthening loyalty among your customers and making them feel that their support is much appreciated by your business. The loyalty program can also be used to launch new drinks, sweets, or even events by your coffee shop.
  • What’s New Feature. Aside from product and service related features, the app should also have an informative dashboard where users can check out the latest from your shop. Through a news feed feature on the app, you can keep customers posted on exciting news, company updates, new products and activities to look out for in every visit or order.  

In a less physical, more digital world, people are still craving the same connections they used to enjoy. Make your app stand out by developing a sense of community and connectedness through special features that prioritize and enhance the coffee shop experience.

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