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How advancements in technology is improving the gaming world

There’s a lot of innovation happening in the tech world, especially for the gaming industry.


The gaming landscape has completely changed compared to where it was ten or so years ago. Brand new technology is completely changing the way we play and so many great gadgets are improving the gaming experience for everyone. The future is now and the top trends for gaming tech show just how close we are to achieving the ultimate gaming experience.


Immersive gaming is one of the biggest hopes for the future and the tech that’s going into it is more than just impressive. We’re looking at virtual reality as a priority and the tech that’s coming out of these projects is incredible. When the Oculus Rift came out, the gaming community went nuts. While there had been some attempts at VR, this was the first gadget to go the whole mile and since then, even more, VR headsets have hit the market. Some incredible games have come out as a result of virtual reality tech, expanding on almost every genre of games.

Another kind of VR tech that’s expected to improve and change the way we game is omnidirectional gaming treadmills. The Virtuix Omni, for example, allows gamers to do as the character does – walk, run, jump, fight and have your natural movements mimicked by your virtual character. What was once only a sci-fi fantasy is now real and soon coming to your living room.  

Spectating and Video Streaming

Since the growth of the YouTube ‘Let’s Play’ community, game developers are looking for more possibilities to have their games appeal to YouTube and Twitch gamers and their fans. Games like Goat Simulator, which has little to no story or objectives, is absolutely perfect for video streaming, allowing endless possibilities to create hilarious footage. Then there is the esports community which is only getting bigger as time goes on and many game developers are gearing their projects towards competitive gaming and making games appealing and fun to watch as well as play. On par with this, the available tech for streaming game footage and playing live is getting better and better. In fact, this technology has become so good and so popular that the online casino industry are using it too in their live casinos and it seems that virtual reality we soon become a part of live casino games as well.


While there is still some work left until this dream is a reality, cross-play gaming is tantalizingly close to existence. Not too long ago Microsoft announced that cross-network play for PC and Xbox one will be available on Rocket League, which is pretty huge news for the gaming industry. Gamers have been waiting for what feels like a lifetime for cross-platform gaming between Xbox and Playstation and according to Microsoft the technology is right but the politics and the security process still needs to be sorted. If this goes ahead, the battle of the consoles could be over for good and people on either console would be able to play their favorite games together.

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is something that is going to revolutionize the gaming industry and it’s already on its way. Gamers today need to put a lot of money into their gear in order to get the most out of it – buying the latest consoles to play the latest games and upgrading their PCs to get the best performance from the most advanced games – but with cloud gaming even gamers with a smaller budget will get an equally as incredible gaming experience as those with money to burn. Cloud gaming will unbundle the hardware from the games, which means that gamers with less than the best graphics cards can still play the newest graphically intense games. With cloud gaming, updates won’t be a problem either. Rather than waiting ages for an update it will all be done in the cloud, so you can come back to your game to find all of the updates already installed.

The gaming industry is huge, but developers are becoming more aware that gaming tech is getting increasingly expensive, which is why so many people in the industry are behind cloud gaming. It allows more people to play the games they want and costs less for both the developers and the gamers.

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