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Apex Legends Arena tier list for Season 11 – Complete guide

The S-tier characters are hands down the best kits for Arenas so far with excellent abilities to excel in the tight areas.

apex legends season 11

In this guide, we’ll explain the tier list of the best Apex Legends characters based on their abilities and performance in the Arena to help you better prepare for the new season.

The list is based on subjective opinion and observations from the gameplay in Arena and the tier list positions may change once every arena map becomes available.

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Apex Legends Arena Tier System

The Apex Legends Arena currently offers 3 maps that are always available with one spinning between five maps as well. If you want further details about which characters are best to use, check out this complete arena mode map guide. 

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The Arena mode has a standard five-tier system including S-A-B-C tiers. Each legend is placed into a different tier based on its abilities. Below is a detailed description of each tier and its characters. 

  • S-Tier: This tier has the strongest characters that you simply can’t go wrong with. They are a must-have in your Arena Squad. 
  • A-Tier: This Tier is full of solid characters that will benefit your team better than other Legends. 
  • B-Tier: This tier has Legends that are missing something and can have an impact on a match if used correctly. 
  • C-Tier: This tier has legends that are outclassed and won’t have a large impact on whether your team wins a match or not. 

Apex Legends Arena Characters in S-tier


Pathfinder is great for players who can grapple well in Apex Legends and easily penetrates the backlines with grappling Hook and Zipline Gun and allows you to get up quickly into strong positions and zipline your team to the front.

apex legends pathfinder


She is one of the top-tier picks for Apex Legends Arena players because of her magical medic powers. You’ll get four shield cells from loot bins that will help you revive teammates without being defenseless. Her D.O.C Heal Drone is essential for keeping your frontline comrades safe from the opponent squad. 


Bloodhound is the hunter of Apex Legends, best for scanning enemies in a huge radius and finding them quickly. Their Eye of the Tactical is worth having for any Arena squad which makes hiding pretty hard for your opponents. While Beast of Hunt helps you dodge bullets and scan faster. 


Gibraltar is the legend that will easily protect your allies in a pinch with his Dome and Gun Shield during the team fights in tight areas. An iconic bubble is also a great tool that can make a huge shield to buy time to recharge and heal to get back in the action.


After ruling the Apex Legends meta, Wraith turns out to be a strong pick in the season 11 arena as well. The combination of her voices from Void Tactical and Void Passive makes a threat to catch off-guard. On top of that, her Dimensional Drift takes you and your teammates out of a tight spot.


Seer doing the same thing as Bloodhound. He scans enemies and gives your teammates an opportunity to attack them from uncomfortable angles.

Apex Legends Arena Characters in A-tier


Bangalore has always been a staple in Apex Legends and translates beautifully in season 11 arena mode as well. Her area denial capabilities of Rolling Thunder are great for maps and allow your allies to make quick entry undercover. Her mobility and smoke are a deadly combo and make it easy to avoid sharp shooting enemies holding a safe spot.

apex legends arena characters


Octane is a great option to start your Arena run with a bang as he benefits most from the loot bins. His Swift Mend Passive provides health revival while getting your team to the point. His mobility and Jump Pads are great for hopping into the backline to cause chaos.


The fan-favorite support, Loba makes sure that all the medical supplies and care packages always end up in your hands. However, her Black-Market Boutique and Eye for quality Passive are no longer usable due to Arena’s store system. Except for her shield shells and syringes and Burglar’s Best Friend Tactical to get out of tight spots, she has nothing much to offer.


Valkyrie has undoubtedly made her mark on the Apex meta but isn’t performing that well in the Arena’s meta. Her passive VTOL Jets are fast to get you out of the tricky situation but loud enough to leave you vulnerable in the arena. 

Apex Legends Arena Characters in B-tier


Horizon has turned out to be a disappointment for those who picked her as their main but still she’s not that terrible. Her ultimate is still great for piling enemies in one spot while her Gravity Lift Tactical can scoop allies into the sky and drop them in the safer spot.


Fuse is the new addition to the Arena’s table and his abilities are quite selfish for a team-based game. Except for his explosives to light a fire under the enemy’s tails, there is not much to pick up with his Ult.


Ash is a very suitable character. She can win a round by using her ult, but you can’t use ult every single round.

apex legends ash

Apex Legends Arena Characters in C-tier


His abilities are clearly more impressive in the Arena mode and work extremely well in rough situations to confuse your opponents and throw them off. He plays a supportive role to get you and your teammates out of rough situations by getting invisible, being able to res a teammate, and dropping your clown. 


Caustic’s abilities are great for forcing the enemies out of the arenas but it doesn’t work well in the Arena mode. There aren’t always defensive positions since the density of his clouds has been reduced.


Revenant nets himself the top tier due to his extraordinary abilities. He really shines for harassing enemies and cutting off any choke point. and can silence enemies for a good 20 seconds which feels like an eternity in the Arena mode.


Rampart benefits from smaller maps and provides great zoning abilities by her Amped Cover. Armed with a magazine enhancing passive and reload times on LMG weapons, deployable shields, and devastating minigun, she lets you crush your enemies without breaking a sweat.


Crypto is very weak in arena mode. Don’t use him.


This was our Apex Legends Arena tier list in which we evaluated each legend and explained why each one is where they are. The S-tier characters are hands down the best kits for Arenas so far with excellent abilities to excel in the tight areas.

The A-tier is full of great characters that can easily hold on their own and can have a huge impact on the game than other legends.

The B-Tier has some quite decent characters that require more skills to use efficiently. Lastly, the C-tier has characters with weak abilities that don’t work well in the arena mode. 

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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