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Are online casino websites banned in Thailand?

Despite all sorts of strict rules and regulations operating in Thailand, there are still gamblers operating across the country.

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Many of the online casino websites operating on various software platforms are functioning illegally. It is therefore essential to look for the legal information and proper licensing of a given site before one commits to it. 

Casinos made available online have become quite popular amongst gamblers. Even so, players must look for ethical websites for online casinos.

The online gambling law in Thailand

In the case of Thailand, it has been sadly found that nearly every form of gambling has been declared illegal. The only exceptions to this, are the national lottery as well as betting on horses at various racetracks. Keeping this aside, the entire country can be defined as an almost no-gambling zone. 

Despite all efforts, gambling is still a prosperous business in Thailand. It has been found that almost 60% of the people living there, resort to gambling in some form or the other.

It has been recorded that a large chunk of wagers in the country is placed along with local bookies and online gaming agents. However, they operate contrary to the law of the land. Many online casino websites such as SCR888 allow players from Thailand to indulge in a game. Their deposits and withdrawals are after that primarily processed in their local currency. However, the government is known to spare no attempt to block these websites that operate illegally throughout the country.

Is betting legal in Thailand?

It is found that majorly the local police in Thailand, operate and regulate the functioning of online casino websites and gambling all over Thailand. However, it has also been noted that they do conduct raids quite frequently, to make the residents conscious of the seriousness with which the police functions.

It can be, however, safely declared that if one is addicted to gambling and wishes to gamble in Thailand, visiting Gclub casino online might be the safest and secure option to look out for. Even though gamblers caught waging over online casinos, face the same severe consequences as is faced by any bets made on land, it is safe to say that chances of getting caught whilst playing online is extremely rare. You can also check the Asian casino’s rating to find out where to play safely and anonymously.

The police authorities do not randomly kick inside houses for a search to find gamblers gambling online. By keeping a low or an almost non-existent social profile, and gambling from home through the various online casinos operating on the internet, players in Thailand can be safeguarded. 

Safety precautions for gambling online

Every year a large number of people place bets through various online casinos in Thailand. According to multiple estimates, Thailand has been recorded as a famous spot for online poker experts.  However, to remain safe from the eyes of the law, it is advisable to keep everything to yourself and to not disclose to anyone your identity as a gambler in a country like Thailand.

Foreigners need to take extra care and precaution in Thailand. If caught in any case, deportation is the most common option that gamblers might have to face in Thailand. 


Despite all sorts of strict rules and regulations operating in Thailand, there are still gamblers operating across the country. All that one needs to do is keep his eyes and ears open to all cases and chances, and they shall be good to go. 

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