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Benefits of solar energy to the technological world

The world is changing and the need for clean and affordable energy is also growing.

solar energy panels
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Solar power is one of the is the latest energy trends in the world today. The fact that it generates clean energy, which does not cause pollution makes it even more remarkable. It is also affordable and has no risks of any kind. Adoption of this energy could propel the country’s economy by enhancing industrial activities.

Solar energy is harnessed from the sun using a broad range of technologies such as solar thermal energy, solar heating, as well as solar architecture, and photovoltaics. This process also uses molten salt plants and depends on processes such as artificial photosynthesis. Solar energy is a critical source of renewable source of energy. Equipment to channel this energy is placed on the rooftops and on the ground-mounted arrays. With new technologies at play, solar can be expanded to produce energy from a central plant.

The significance of solar energy

According to the World Energy Assessment, solar has the capability to produce approximately 1,575-49,837 Exajoules (EJ) of energy which is more than the worlds’ consumption. For this reason, various countries are rapidly adopting the use of solar for various uses. In the United States, for instance, a number of solar companies in San Diego are making major milestones in the harnessing of this energy. Solar has many benefits. The critical ones include:

Affordable for domestic and office use

Solar energy offers unmatched benefits when used at home and is safe to the environment. For instance, it can provide all energy requirements at home including heating and lighting. To enjoy the benefits of this energy, users need to install proper equipment to tap it. The good thing with this energy is that it is affordable right from installation and saves users’ energy bill.

Based on a study conducted in the United States by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, homeowners save about 25% on their energy bill when they use solar energy. They also save about 10-15% on home heating and 40% on cooling costs when they install this system. Aside from home usage, it can be installed and used by office owners ultimately resulting in costs saving.

Environmental friendly

Solar energy also provides excellent environmental benefits as its production results in no global warming emissions of any kind. When compared to other human activities such as mining and electrical production which cause detrimental climatic, health, and environmental impacts, solar is safe. For this reason, it can save the planet from the effects of global warming significantly. Also, it has the potential to minimize health hazards related to power generating activities, water, and air pollution. Health complications such as cancer, heart disease, and breathing problems would be averted with the use of this energy.

The world is changing and the need for clean and affordable energy is also growing. Solar is the most desirable energy of them all. It has the potential to meet all energy needs locally and in developing countries. This renewable form of energy has become a sensation at a time when there are adverse global warming concerns in the world. The advantage is that it has come to curb such environmental issues. There is a need for research and development to further explore the future prospects of solar energy.

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