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Black Ops Cold War hacks already released

Most of these hacks feature what many Call of Duty gamers already know well from previous releases.

call of duty black ops cold war
Image: Activision

Like almost all Call of Duty games before it, most famously Modern Warfare 2 and 3, the PC version of the new “Black Ops: Cold War” is already riddled with cheaters and hackers. Not even a day after the game’s official release the first aimbots and wallhacks were available for purchase on multiple hacking forums. Among the most popular of them are the IWantCheats Cold War hacks.

There are issues with the game’s anti-cheating system, something most Call of Duty PC gamers are probably used to by now. Expect a ban wave on Steam in the next coming days, the crackdown against these hacks is going to come at some point.

Most of these hacks feature what many Call of Duty gamers already know well from previous releases. We’re going to go over the most popular ones and explain how they work in detail here.


Aimbots do exactly what their name suggests, completely take over your aim and shooting during the game. Aiming is something a lot of players, especially newer ones, struggle with, which is often what entices people to start hacking.

Usually, it’s quite easy to spot a player using an aimbot. Often they will simply snap onto a target with perfect precision as soon as it appears on their screen and starts firing, resulting in instant death for the person on the receiving end. There is little anyone can do against these bots and most of the time they will put up ridiculous stats as 100 kills with 0 deaths.

In recent times, many aimbots, like the ones offered on IWantCheats, include a “Human Aim” feature which supposedly makes the aim of the hacker look like that of a real player. 


Just like aimbots, wallhacks have quite an intuitive name. Doing exactly what one would assume them to do, they allow the user to see other players through walls. Well, they are not exactly seeing the other player, but a red box that constantly tells them where every player currently is on the map.

This of course is a massive advantage, as one major skill in these types of games is being able to spot enemies early and react quickly. Knowing where they are at all times allows players to get similarly good scores as players using an aimbot. A good player with wallhack will feel nearly undefeatable unless you hit them with a lucky stun. 

Cheat Radar

Similar to the wallhack, the cheat radar tells you where every enemy is at any time using your radar. Usually, enemies will only show up when a UAV is up or they are firing their weapon. This hack will constantly light-up red dots for enemies on the radar.

Often these radar hacks also come with features like resizing or moving the radar, giving you just another edge over the regular player.

Infinite Ammo and No-Reload

During fast-paced games, the infinite ammo hack might not be the most useful, but the no-reload hack shines even more. Both influence the way your ammunition behaves, infinite ammo- logically- gives you infinite ammunition and the no-reload hacks let you fire constantly without ever having to stop to switch magazines, which is especially ridiculous with automatic sniper rifles like the Barrett.

God Mode

A cheat that’s not yet available for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, but will undoubtedly show up in the future, is the god mode cheat. God mode can have different features depending on the type of hack you use, but one feature is always included: Infinite HP.

Exactly. You can’t die. Common variations of the hack also often include the ability to fly or walk through walls, use weapons that are usually stationary, or teleport all over the map.


Despite being out for only a little while, the new Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has already shown that Activision seems to be unable to fix the biggest issue haunting it for over a decade: hackers on PC.

Since the original Modern Warfare, hackers have dominated PC lobbies. Modern Warfare 2 and 3 are currently almost entirely unplayable in public lobbies on PC, if you ever manage to get a lobby there’s a 95% chance of there being a hacker in it. 

This is curious, considering that many games, even older ones like Valve’s Counter-Strike, have very solid anti-cheating software built into it.

Until Activision decides that hackers are worth their time and attention there is only one way to counter them: equip yourselves with the tools that they use, but use them for good.

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